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Ideas for Gen VI Pokemon Part IX: The "Meteor Duo" Box Legends

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by , 25th June 2012 at 08:23 PM (1652 Views)
Millions of years ago, during the Era of the Ancient Pokemon such as Genesect, Aerodactyl, and Relicanth, a giant meteor the size of a small city crashed into the northern part of the Kaiho Region, causing an ecological disaster that spread a thick cloud of dust throughout the land, blocking out the sun, and causing millions of Pokemon to die out, with some of the larger species going completely extinct. It is theorized that all life would have died out, if not for a certain Pokemon providing sunlight during these troubled times enabling the smaller Pokemon to survive, thus allowing life to carry on. The humans and Pokemon that we know soon emerged, and the meteor soon became forgotten to time.

Around the northern region of Kaiho lived an ancient group of tribal people known in contemporary times as the "People of the Stars", who worshiped a Trinity of Gods. These Gods were often paid tribute, and, in return, blessed the People of the Stars and provided them with a bountiful harvest as well as their protection. However, one day, the meteor was discovered by a Star Person who wandered off from the city, alerting the rest of his people who viewed the giant rock as a symbol of the Gods from above. Soon, a few members of the People of the Stars began to construct their own temple around the meteor in secret, having grown tired of the avaricious demands of the Trinity, believing it to be from a higher power. This did not last long, however, as the Trinity grew angry and punished the rebels, burying them, the temple, and the meteor beneath the earth. Thus, the Trinity resumed command, and stayed in power until eventually the People of the Stars began to die out, and, without followers, the Trinity seemingly vanished without a trace. While historical records of Kaiho show the People of the Stars and the Trinity Gods listed, records of the meteor was destroyed, with only a few artifacts left telling of the People of the Stars' Civil War.

Thousands of years later, in modern times, a second meteor is on a collision course with the Kaiho Region...and the truth about the meteors will finally be revealed! Because the meteors are not simply meteors, but something far different...they are cocoons. Or are they spaceships from another race entirely? Humans cannot quite comprehend who or what made the meteors, and what purpose they exactly serve, but within these meteors lie two alien Pokemon the world has no knowledge of...

Enter the Box Legendaries of Carbon and Silicon dubbed the "Meteor Duo", extraterrestrial Pokemon.

English Name: Drometo
Japanese Name: Drometo [ドロミート] (The "meto" is stems from "meteor", "meet", and "gamete". Doro comes from "andro", as it's the "male" equivalent of the Meteor Duo)
Species: Panspermia Pokemon
Type: Poison/Rock Pokemon
Height and Weight: 10'5"/400.0 lbs.
Egg Group: Undiscovered (Legendary Pokemon)

"It came to Earth on a meteor long ago, remaining dormant for millions of years. Its sludge-like body constantly regenerates when destroyed, ensuring that it can pass on its genetics."

"Its sole mission is to propagate its species. Its amorphous body readjusted to Earth's atmosphere in order to take on a form suitable for Earth."

Design: It's kind of a weird alien-looking Pokemon, so I'll do my best to describe what I picture it to look like. First off, its body is glowing purple and slime-like, roundish mostly, but with a whispy tail at the end that curls upwards and begins to twist around at the end into a double helix (suggesting a connection with Deoxys, but this is more of an easter egg) like a tadpole-frog sort of. It has two stumpy legs coming out of the sides of its body near its tail, and two more in the front, that have four little tentacles on the bottom that solidify a bit and go towards the ground like hooves giving it effectively four legs, although it is slow and normally oozes along to move. On the sides of its body are oozing arms with three tentacles each at the end with rounded fingertips. On the front of the face is a solid black "Y", that acts as a nose/horn looking feature. Under the arms of the "Y" are two black eyes, with strange yellow looking eyes that look kind of alien-like. It has a watermelon shaped mouth underneath the Y, that stretches across the side of its doesn't have teeth, but instead red strands are attached from the top lip to the bottom like stitches. Finally, there are a few solid black rocks embedded into its skin in various places, such as on its elbows, knees, and the back of its head.

Inspiration: It's based on the notion of "Panspermia", the belief that life came to Earth from outer space via meteors and such, and is a very alien looking Pokemon overall...yet I also made it a bit cute looking, in my mind, since it's actually a pretty peaceful and friendly Pokemon all things considered. Only the rock-like structures (pieces of the meteor it arrived in stuck to its body) are can actually change the shape of the slime-like portions of its body, but takes a form that is familiar to the planet it lives on somewhat, or a close approximation, although it still looks foreign and unnatural.

Even though it's the Carbon Mascot, it's not particularly Carbon-like...Carbon isn't noticeably poisonous, but the creature is a Carbon-based life form, although of a Carbon not normally present on Earth. The rocks on its body are the Carbon parts, more so, than the Poison part...I just wanted to make a Poison Legendary, finally.

It's also based off a sperm cell, hence the "andro" part of its name as well as the sperm-like appearance, as its mission on Earth is to reproduce. Is it from a dying race? Or is it trying to take over Earth? That's never answered, but either way the main goal of the Pokemon is simply to find a suitable mate to pass on its genetics. The "Y" like shape on its face comes from the fact that the "Y" chromosome is only in males. Even though it represents a male gamete and everything, it's Genderless. It CAN breed, but only though a Story Event.

Battle Prowess: In Carbon Version, Drometo is the Pokemon that fell to Earth long ago, and is awoken by the player as the story progresses in order to stop the new meteor that is about to hit Earth. You then battle it, and catch it...and then lose it. Eventually you re-obtain it later on, and it's yours for good. In Silicon Version, it appears, but you can't catch it, nor do you battle it.

As a Poison/Rock Pokemon, it's weak to Ground...a lot (I thought it'd be interesting to have the extraterrestrial Pokemon be 4X weak to Earth itself), but learns a new move allowing it to bypass that. As mentioned before, these Pokemon aren't vicious and their entire goal is to simply propagate...thus, they have low Attack and Special Attack, low Speed, but good HP, and, in Drometo's case, high Special Defense and decent Defense. They're 670 BST Pokemon like Groudon and Kyogre. Most of their moves are made to protect them without direct attacking, so it has moves like Stealth Rock, Poison Spikes, and Recover. To complement this, its ability would be Regenerator.


English Name: Metogyn
Japanese Name: Metogyn [ミートジン] (The "meto" is stems from "meteor", "meet", and "gamete". Jin comes from "gyn", as it's the "female" equivalent of the Meteor Duo)
Species: Panspermia Pokemon
Type: Electric/Rock Pokemon
Height and Weight: 10'5"/400.0 lbs.
Egg Group: Undiscovered (Legendary Pokemon)

"It came to Earth on a meteor long ago, remaining dormant for millions of years. Its body made of electric particles constantly regenerates when destroyed, ensuring that it can pass on its genetics."

"Its sole mission is to propagate its species. Due to Earth's atmosphere, its body composed of electric particles came together to form a solid body."

Design: Another alien Pokemon meaning it's a bit hard to describe. Its main body is spherical, with spikes near the end of the sphere's center curving back (think Don Patch from BoBoBo), and glowing yellow. Three smaller similar spheres are connected to the back of its head, and curve upward like a scorpion tail. There are four more of these spheres on the sides of its body in a square pattern, although turned downward and missing the back part of the sphere so the spiked end serves as spiked hooves. On its "cheeks" are thin little tentacles that end in spiked mace-looking arms. It has two metallic-looking "X" as eyebrows basically, and eyes beneath those, which are like Drometo's, but purple. It has a mouth like Drometo's, with the red stitch-mouth, but vertical as opposed to horizontal. It has metallic-looking rocks embedded in its skin, such as on its knees, on its head, and on the sides of each tail part.

Inspiration: Like Drometo, it's alien-like, with four legs, tentacle arms, and a creepy mouth/eyes, but also sort of cute since, like its counterpart, it's not a bad guy by any means. It's also based on the notion of Panspermia, and has rocks from the meteor on its body too...although they're metallic silicon-like rocks that conduct electricity.

The rocks are the "Silicon" part of it and the solid part, a Silicon form not on earth, whereas its body is actually electric particles that cluster together due to Earth's atmosphere. When hit with enough force, the particles will separate, although they will soon cluster back together reforming the body. Metogyn isn't as malleable and amorphous though, and can't manipulate its body as easily at will like Drometo. It can, however, channel the electricity in order to move through electrical devices though like power-lines and such.

It's the female half of the Meteor Duo, thus the "gyn" although it's also Genderless, and thus its body is meant to be an also has two XX on its face, referencing the double X chromosomes. Like Drometo, its mission is to reproduce, introducing an interesting Legendary dynamic. They aren't rivals like Groudon and Kyogre, nor are they "brothers" like Reshiram and Zekrom...instead, they're basically Space Romeo and Juliet, who are searching for each other so that they can reproduce. Yes, literally the Legendaries are trying to have a one-night stand. Basically, the first one, depending on the version, has been waiting for a mate to arrive for millions of years, lying dormant till that day comes. Are they from the same planet? Are there more of them out there, or are they the last of their kind? That's left up to the viewer though, so the Pokemon are kept mysterious. Either way, their cocoon/spaceship has the unfortunate issue of causing ecological disasters on whatever planet it crashes into. Perhaps if they can be awoken, they can prevent the crash!

Battle Prowess: Exclusive to Silicon Version, you catch it, it leaves, and you find it later on and, in Carbon Version, it is seen but not catchable nor do you even battle it.

Like its buddy, it is 4X weak to Ground being Electric/Rock...although it's a bit better off, since Electric doesn't have any other weaknesses to compound things. You can view its weakness to "Earth" as ironic, I guess. With 670 BST, its Physical Defense is higher than its Special Defense, opposite of Drometo's layout, but its Speed, Attack and Special Attack is low though like it, and its HP is good too, so they're statistical counterparts with Defense and Special Defense switched around basically. It learns the same moves mostly, or moves that are similar, so you've got Stealth Rock and Recover, but also Magnet Rise and a new Electric version of Stealth Rock (don't worry, it and Stealth Rock would be changed so they only double at the most, no more quadruple effective, and it's also not learned by a lot of Pokemon) alongside that. It also has Regenerator.

I thought defensive-style Legendaries would be a nice change of pace, and would fit their background story of being Pokemon existing to propagate, thus protecting themselves and self-preservation is all they know.
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    I was thinking Gen VI's endgame legendaries to be Bug type legendaries. A Bug/Dark Cockroach who believe that Pokemon are the superior species and humans must be enslaved, and a Bug/Poison Millipede who believe that humans are the superior species and that Pokemon other than itself must be enslaved. The third member will be a Bug/Psychic Butterfly species that brings humans and Pokemon together at peace and fight off against the two Bug types. Despite their Egg Group being Undiscovered, they can produce offsprings, so it is an endless war for the fate of the Pokemon world.
  2. Garren's Avatar
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    I almost though about making them Bug-types, incidentally, but I decided not to because I liked the whole "Earth as Kryptonite" thing with Rock as the dual-types, plus I had an idea for one of the Event Pokemon to be a Bug Legendary, as well as Ancient Genesect making an appearance.

    And I thought having Legendaries who just wanted to survive would be an interesting idea related to the "evolution" motif, as opposed to super-powered Legendaries like the ones you mention which are the norm lately.


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