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Idea I had for the Villain Plot of X/Y [In-Depth]

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So, pretty detailed, "fan-fic" idea behind the Evil Team:

15 or so years ago, the "Colors Generation", Dr. Fuji alongside Blaine and a team of scientists began their experiment on the Pokemon known as "Mewtwo". Unknowingly to the rest of the team, a scientist with connections to Team Rocket was a member of the project, working behind the backs of everyone else in order to tamper with the child in order to turn it into a weapon that he could present to Giovanni who he had a fanatical obsession with and constantly wanted his approval. Even Giovanni was unaware of this operation. The scientist's plan came to fruition, yet ultimately he was unable to capture Mewtwo and the creature escaped, leaving the scientist permanently disfigured and even more insane. Despite searching for the creature, all he was able to find was a Berserk Gene left behind in Cerulean Cave...

Upon learning of Giovanni's disappearance, he began using his knowledge of genetics and in secret utilizing DNA of Giovanni he had obtained began working on a human clone of his idol, wanting to create a perfect humanoid that would be able to control Mewtwo when he came across it and rebuild a new, more powerful Team Rocket. To put the final touches, he instilled the Berserk Gene into it. Posing as a fertility doctor, he discovered a couple unable to naturally reproduce, and convinced them to try in vitro fetilisation. Sinking into the shadows, he nevertheless watched the couple as the child was born, not knowing its true nature, yet possessing a personality that was near psychopathic...ambitious, power-hungry, prideful, intelligent, and charismatic, even more so than Giovanni.

Named Joseph, his intellect increased at a level outweighing his physical age, and quickly began to frighten his parents. He was sent away to "XY Region" to a school for gifted children, in which he quickly graduated from and began to climb the ranks of society by becoming a brilliant entrepreneur. During this time, the scientist who created him fell ill into complete madness, and sent him one last parting gift...information regarding the creation of Mewtwo, an old journal, before he completely lost his mind. He never got to reveal the truth of his clone nature to Joseph, however, before he lost his mind. Joseph, extremely prideful, did not care about Mewtwo...instead, he decided he would create a being beyond its power, a true God. Thus was the beginning of Team Sol, a high-financed group seeking to create the ultimate Pokemon.

Mr. Fuji shortly after Gen II disappeared from the public view, rumors being that he was contacted by an old associate needing his assistance, leaving a secret journal to a young Lavender Town woman named Esther, a young girl who was his closest friend, who witnessed the Marowak death in Gen I. Reading of what ultimately happened with Mr. Fuji and Mewtwo, and his regrets, she takes his regret and turns it into vengeance, wishing to help prevent a future "Mewtwo" by stopping all genetic research and exploitation of Pokemon for science, not realizing the positive aspects of science. The "XY Region", with a strong amount of genetic research laboratories which seek to advance genetic knowledge, becomes her main target, as she creates Team Luna, a grass-roots organization seeking to stop genetic research and restore the natural balance.

Xerneas and Yveltal are two Legendary Pokemon who each posses a unique chromosome of Mew, one X, one Y, and they are Mew's "direct" ancestors, being responsible for helping populate the Pokemon before taking their new, current forms. Xerneas the Moon believes in the strength of natural bonds between human and Pokemon, yet is known to punish those who overstep those boundaries and corrupt nature. Yveltal the Sun believes in the strength of "intellectual" bonds between human and Pokemon, and believes human endeavor to connect with Pokemon is positive, yet also punishes those who try to play God.

Team Sol seeks to obtain both Pokemon, utilizing their unique chromosomes to create an ultimate Pokemon. Yveltal is attracted to Joseph's intelligence and teams up with him as the Pokemon has a curiosity, and a bit of a villainous side, wanting to see where his ambition will go while simultaneously monitoring him in case he goes too far.

Team Luna seeks to stop genetic research permanently. Xerneas is attracted to Esther's pure heart and noble goal, and teams up with her, also, like Yveltal, having a bit of a a villainous side that wants to test her limits and also punish her if she goes too far herself.

Both of these events happen in BOTH versions while the Player is stuck in the middle of it, having to prevent Team Luna attacking innocent genetic researchers who want to help people, and stopping Team Sol from abusing Pokemon for their own research. You fight both Teams in each version, yet the final Team Hideout is version dependent. Both Team Leaders go too far, with Xerneas and Yveltal rebelling against them, and going berserk. Depending on the Version, the player obtains one of the Box Legendaries and then calms the other one down. The Finale would be different from previous Pokemon games as Joseph would succeed in capturing Xerneas and Yveltal once you stop them briefly, extract their chromosomes, and create a "God Pokemon"...which ends up being a horrible, non-Pokemon mutation which then the player must battle. This "Battle" would be like a Boss Battle, as it has lots of HP requiring the use of your whole team, and decent power allowing it to endure more attacks than your usual Legendary Pokemon which can be taken down in one-hit.

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Gene theory? GAH! IT BURNS!!!
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    Cool... Too bad we won't ever get that thing...


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