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I thought of a new "Nuzlocke Rule" to try in White...

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Well, I'm not doing a Nuzlocke Run, but this rule would be interesting when used in one...

Basically, for every Gym, I have to choose a set number of Pokemon (equal to the number of Pokemon the leader has, so 2 for Cress and Lenora, and 3 for everyone else), and I can only use those Pokemon for the ENTIRE GYM. Of course, I can return and heal them, but apart from that, I'm leaving the rest in the PC when I am in the Gym. Through this, rather than the fight being a 6 vs. 3, it'll be a fair fight in terms of Pokemon count. It'll also let me focus on certain Pokemon for each Gym, as I'll want to pick the best type combination for taking on the Gym.

My team will be Pokabu, Golett, Timburr, Roggenrola, Elgyem, and Cubchoo, and I'm trading them over from my JP Black from the start, so here's my planned team for each Gym...I don't know when they'll evolve, so I'll just use the name of the pre-evo still.

Cress: Elgyem and Tepig. Simply because I have no Pokemon strong against Water, and there's no Gym weak to Psychic and I want to give Elgyem a chance to shine. And I gotta use my Starter in the first Gym!

Lenora: Timburr and Golett. Timburr because he's fighting, and Golett as he's part Ghost and might have learned a punching attack by then.

Burgh: Tepig, Roggenrola, and Cubchoo. Tepig and Roggenrola are super-effective against all of them with their Fire and Rock attacks, and Cubchoo's Ice will help against Leavanny.

Elesa: Golett, Roggenrola, and Cubchoo. Golett is resistant to Electric attacks, and Roggenrola and Cubchoo can take on the Flying Emolga Brothers.

Clay: Cubchoo, Timburr, and Golett. Ice attacks will help out greatly, Krookodile and Excadrill are weak to Fighting due to dual-types, and Golett can match their Ground-types.

Skyla: Elgyem, Roggenrola, and Cubchoo. I wanted to give Elgyem another fight, since there's no Gym he specializes in, and Rock and Ice attacks will clip those flyer's wings.

Brycen: Tepig, Roggenrolla, and Timburr. Fire, Rock, and Ice attacks, and no trickery sine Brycen's entire team is mono. And easy fight!

Iris: Elgyem, Cubchoo, and Golett. I want to give Elgyem one more shot, as he and Golett are all-around decent Pokemon, and of course Cubchoo as he's the only type strong against dragons!

So, final count is...

Tepig: 3
Timburr: 3
Roggenrola: 4
Elgyem: 3
Cubchoo: 5
Golett: 4

Pretty even. Of course, for the Elite Four, and non-Gym Battles, I'll be using my whole team since it's a pain if I only used four, as I couldn't switch between rounds!

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  1. Green Zubat's Avatar
    If you wanted to make it harder you could also add a "win or die" policy where once you enter a gym, you have to beat everyone (trainer + leader(s)) before leaving or die trying (like the E4).

    Really though, thats a good one, I think I'll try that when I get round to doing a Black Nuzlocke.
  2. Mitsuru's Avatar
  3. Fletcher.'s Avatar
    This is what I do for every gym, actually.


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