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I Review All the Fighting Types: Part 2 Gen II

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by , 30th October 2010 at 10:59 PM (816 Views)
Short entry this time...Johto was pretty bad to the types that were already short-handed in the first place, and Fighting was no exception.


The only completely "new" Fighting-type in Generation II, Heracross is a rather interesting type-combination of Bug/Fighting, interesting because Bug and Fighting are the only two types that are both resistant to each other equally. Apart from that, considering the entire series was inspired by the popular Japanese "sport" of pitting bugs against each one another, especially beetles such as Heracross, it is no surprise that we got a Pokemon based off such a concept, and perhaps it is more surprising that Heracross wasn't included among the original 151. Although, despite being inspired by the same concept that inspired the series as a whole, Heracross never really reached any high levels of popularity and to most, especially those who are unaware of the catalyst for Tajirii's idea for a game about battling monsters, Heracross is nothing more than an interesting type combination and the Fighting-type being a mere pun off the fact that it is a Hercules beetle as opposed to the representation of a popular Japanese schoolboy past-time.

Of course, Heracross, despite not really reaching mascot status, is still popular in his own right, and hasn't faded into obscurity like some of his lesser bug brethren. In fact, he's considered one of the head-liners of the type, although some of the new bugs in Gen V may challenge that position, and a strong and useful Pokemon in general. Although, as I myself have just stated, his Bug-type seems to interest people more than his Fighting-type, and thus I feel that he is less representative of the Fighting-type as a whole. But, due to his relation to the origin of the series, and his popularity, I don't think it hurts his score too much.

Score: 7 Fists out of 10

Tyrouge and Hitmontop

I'll begin with Tyrouge first, probably one of my favorite baby Pokemon simply because he doesn't look like a complete pussy. To add to that, many people liked him because he connected Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee and, based on the amount of people who wish every Generation for a pre-evolution of Tauros and Miltank, and how vehemently people tried to connect Emonga to Pachirisu, Gigaith to Nosepass, and Mamanbou to Luvdisc, that's quite important to a large majority of the fanbase. But I digress, because the way Tyrouge evolves into either Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee based off stats was a rather neat idea, and overall Tyrouge has a rather nice design. A subtle mix incorporating the designs of its evolution, and its motif of a young, schoolboy wrestler, Tyrouge is a respectable baby Pokemon that stands out on its own as opposed to being a simple bite-sized version of its evolution like most of the other baby Pokemon. Of course, it's still characteristically weak, but at least it looks cool. Also, Bulbapedia says that "Tyrouge" may be derived from Mike Tyson, following the idea of its evolutions (and, once more, the fact that the name doesn't even match the fighting-style of the Pokemon...Mike Tyson fits better with the boxing Hitmonchan!), but I find that to be a very stretching assumption, especially as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan use the full surnames of the people they were inspired by, plus "tyro", meaning beginner, or "tyke", seem like much more likely inspirations.

Now on to Hitmontop who, also like Tyrouge, drops the whole "named after a martial artist" gig, probably because NOA couldn't think of another one American kids would recognize, and instead went for a simple "top". Although, to be fair, the Japanese version also simply named Hitmontop after a word, capoeira in this case, instead of a martial artist like they did with Hitmonchan and Hitmontop. Although, all three of their Japanese names end with "ラー". I'm not going to lie, Hitmontop is my favorite of the Hitmon's by a large margin, because, first of all, capoeira is an extremely cool martial art and, second, he's extremely adorable. Probably the most adorable Fighting-type in my opinion, even if he looks like some bizarre dog-human hybrid. I guess his "ears" are meant to be representative of dreadlocks or something like that, but I always see them as loppy dog ears. But, despite my personal liking, he's not exactly needed. I mean, two evolutions for Tyrouge were good enough, and poor Hitmontop never really reached the same level of popularity of the original Hitmon's, in my opinion, probably because balancing stats in order to obtain one was a bit odd, and he was never distributed in-game like his brethren were. So, I think that kind of subtracts from their score a bit. Just for the record, I'm trying to rate them objectively, based on how well I feel the benefit and represent the type, as opposed to my own feelings on them, so that's why I'm giving the cutest Hitmon a lower score.

Also, I've never raised a Hitmontop really, but how do you EV train a Tyrouge and evolve it into Hitmontop? Like, I'll be honest, the only Hitmontop I've ever had was the one from Colloseum, so I don't know how difficult it is to get its stats to balance out.

Score: 7 Fists out of 10.

Well, that was a short one! Next time will be a bit longer, of course, as it's the beginning of the era where the lesser types began to see bigger boosts...and...the epoch of Fire/Fighting Starters! :0

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  1. winstein's Avatar
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    Alright, another entry on Fighting types!

    In regards to Tyrogue, one of the things that is special to him is that he is not only a baby Pokemon, but his evolution line is male only. This meant that egg moves cannot be bred to him...or can it? Because each of his evolutions have different moves, moves can be bred to him thanks to a Ditto. Therefore, what's unique to him is that he's one of the special few male-only Pokemon to acquire Egg Moves, since he can acquire a move from Hitmonchan, and then evolve into a Hitmontop, who cannot normally learn a move Hitmonchan learns, like Mach Punch.

    Also, I heard that 190 Pokemon were planned in the beginning, so it might be possible that Heracross would be available from the start, but I believe that he/she didn't make because of space constraints.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Garren's Avatar
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    Well, if that's true, I don't know why they placed Pinsir in ahead of Heracross. :P
  3. Pesky Bug's Avatar
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    Heracross and Tyrogue are easily my fave Pokés of Gen 2. :P Well, they're actually part of the handfull of Gen 2 Pokémon I actully like.

    Hitmontop was never my cup of tea. Not because of the way he evolves from Tyrogue but because he's got nothing to do with Lee and Chan. He's just a cluster of balls, compared to the other Hitmons' more... realistic proportions.

    Nice reviews of the Fighters, by the way. It's easily my favourite type so it was nice to read your throughts on 'em.


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