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How would one organize Pokemon by design rather than type?

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I was thinking about this today, over the years there are certain "types" of Pokemon designs that have arisen, and I'm wondering if perhaps we could come to a consensus as to the various categories Pokemon fall under when it comes to their design style. I don't mean simple "under designed/over designed", but I mean the different types of design that inhabit the franchise. I've come up with such categories as:

* Cartoon Animal: The most common design that pops into mind for most people when you mention Pokemon, these are the various Pokemon based off basically a simple animal with a slightly exaggerated, cartoonish look. Often they are also given a simple elemental attribute, usually expressed through their color scheme. Examples include Pidgey, Spinarak, Treecko, Hippopotas, Blitzle, and Fennekin. Also Cartoon Plant, in some instances, which are more or less the same.

* Elemental: Pokemon that express a more abstract concept, possibly embodying their very element they represent, and aren't immediately likened to an animal though they may have animal characteristics. Often they are amorphous. Examples include Gastly, Wobbuffet, Exploud, Rotom, Boldore, and Spritzee.

* Kaijin: Pokemon based off such monsters seen in Godzilla and Ultraman, which was a big influence it seems based on the early Capsule Monster notes where expies of such monsters were given as proto Pokemon. These Pokemon tend to resemble animals, but aren't necessarily any known animal, and while most are somewhat humanoid shaped they don't express very human-like emotions, instead being rather monstrous. Often quite powerful. Also includes Pokemon based off the more monstrous Yokai, and many Legendaries. Examples include Magmar, Tyrannitar, Aggron, Garchomp, Hydreigon, and Barbaracle.

* Anthropomorph: One of the more "contested" design themes, these Pokemon often are very humanoid in shape and appearance, bar possessing some special attribute or characteristic of an animal, usually that of a lower form. They're usually associated with being rather strong, or at least above average, and often Psychic or Fighting. Examples include Alakazam, Hitmontop, Blaziken, Lucario, Gothitelle, and Chesnaught.

* Object: Pokemon that are living objects more or less, although still possessing animal-like traits like most Pokemon, this category isn't really liked by a lot of fans, but has always been present since Gen 1 and is likely the result of the idea of Yokai possessing objects in Japanese myth. Even though "rocks" are objects, I count most rock Pokemon in Elemental as people see rocks as organic elements. Examples include Magnemite, Unown, Baltoy, Bronzor, Klink, Klefki.

Naturally, some Pokemon may fit into more than one category. What do you guys think, are these categories too broad. Too specific?

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    There's also body form...
  2. winstein's Avatar
    Your classification seem to be cover all the fronts, but since there are few of them, it's easier to decide which goes to where. I am wondering where Lickitung goes to. Is it Elemental because of the licking, or Kaijin because it's a kind of monster (or Cartoon Animal because of its various inspiration from several animals)? How about Snorlax?

    When I classify them, it would be based on the animal that they are based on, so there are canines, felines, rodents, birds and so on. For those that are not based on animals, it would be either minerals or amorphous. Humans and plants are another category. That would have been diverse, but I like to classify them based on the real animal groups.

    Thanks for reading.
  3. Garren's Avatar
    To demonstrate what I mean, I went through Gen VI and organized the Pokemon:

    Chespin: Cartoon Animal
    Quilladin: Anthropomorphic
    Chesnaught: Anthropomorphic
    Fennekin: Cartoon Animal
    Braixen: Anthropomorphic
    Delphox: Anthropomorphic
    Froakie: Cartoon Animal
    Frogadier: Cartoon Animal
    Greninja: Cartoon Animal
    Bunnelby: Cartoon Animal
    Diggersby: Cartoon Animal
    Fletchling: Cartoon Animal
    Fletchinder: Cartoon Animal
    Talonflame: Cartoon Animal
    Scatterbug: Cartoon Animal
    Spewpa: Cartoon Animal
    Vivillon: Cartoon Animal
    Litleo: Cartoon Animal
    Pyroar: Cartoon Animal
    Flabebe: Anthropomorphic
    Floette: Anthropomorphic
    Florges: Anthropomorphic
    Skiddo: Cartoon Animal
    Gogoat: Cartoon Animal
    Pancham: Cartoon Animal
    Pangoro: Cartoon Animal
    Furfrou: Cartoon Animal
    Espurr: Cartoon Animal
    Meowstic: Cartoon Animal
    Honedge: Object
    Doublade: Object
    Aegislash: Object
    Sprizee: Elemental
    Aromatisse: Elemental
    Swirlix: Elemental
    Slurpuff: Elemental
    Inkay: Cartoon Animal
    Malamar: Cartoon Animal
    Binacle: Cartoon Animal
    Barbarnacle: Kaijin
    Skrelp: Cartoon Animal
    Dragalge: Cartoon Animal
    Clauncher: Cartoon Animal
    Clawitzer: Cartoon Animal
    Helioptile: Cartoon Animal
    Heliolisk: Cartoon Animal
    Tyrunt: Cartoon Animal
    Tyrantrum: Cartoon Animal
    Amaura: Cartoon Animal
    Aurorus: Cartoon Animal
    Sylveon: Elemental
    Hawlucha: Anthropomorphic
    Dedenne: Cartoon Animal
    Carbink: Elemental
    Goomy: Kaijin
    Sligoo: Kaijin
    Goodra: Kaijin
    Klefki: Object
    Phantump: Kaijin
    Trevenant: Kaijin
    Pumpkaboo: Elemental
    Gourgeist: Elemental
    Bergmite: Elemental
    Avalugg: Elemental
    Noibat: Cartoon Animal
    Noivern: Kaijin
    Xerneas: Cartoon Animal
    Yveltal: Cartoon Animal
    Zygarde: Kaijin
    Diancie: Anthropomorphic
    Volcanion: Kaijin
    Hoopa: Elemental

    A lot of Cartoon Animal/Anthropomorphic overlap, but my decision was usually based on how close they resemble the actual animal. Greninja has humanoid elements, but he's far more identifiable as a frog and moves as one compared to Delphox and Chesnaught who stray from their animal inspirations and are bipedal. Same with Diggersby and Pangoro, inspired by humans, but is basically still a cartoon rabbit and panda.

    Quite a few I was mixed on, mainly the Grass/Ghosts...


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