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"Faerie Type" Speculation HQ: Part 1: Main Idea

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*What is the Faerie Type?
When it comes to Pokemon Types, one of the more interesting ones, for me, is the Normal Type due to how inclusive and large it is compared to other types. While Normal would suggest Pokemon that are, well, "normal", this often isn't true as some of the weirder Pokemon exist within the Normal-type family. On one hand, you have the terrestrial, non-elemental animals such as the early rodents, birds, and cats/dogs. And then you have fairies from outer-space, a Tsuchinoko, and even a digital Pokemon. But what if there was a type that split off certain members of the Normal-type into their own, more fitting type? Normal would thus truly become more Normal, as opposed to its role of the "melting pot" for Pokemon that GameFreak can't seem to categorize under the more specific typings.

Enter the "Faerie" Type, a new Type created as a way to re-categorize a few of the odder Normal Pokemon, while simultaneously introducing a new Type that serves as the long speculated "Dark-type antithesis". Faerie Type (spelled that way to be more inclusive to Pokemon that don't fit the usual idea of what we think of when we hear Fairy, little winged humanoids, and to be more in line with the Fair Folk of Northern European yore, as well as differentiate from the Fairy Egg Group) would for the most part possess one or more of these characteristics:

* Cute. Most Dark-type Pokemon have a vicious, sneaky, or otherwise "off-putting" look to them that shows that they don't fight fair. Faerie-type Pokemon would tend to instead have a very friendly demeanor showing that they're friendly creatures. Of course, that's not to say we couldn't have a few ugly, or mischievous Faerie Pokemon...after all, not all fair folk are exactly nice people.

* Rare. Not exactly simply by game standards, but they'd be Pokemon that are considered to be less plentiful and a bit mysterious compared to other types, similar to Dragon. This is embodied already by a few potential Faerie-type candidates, such as Chansey and Togekiss which are described as being Pokemon that are quite rare, and Dunsparce, based off a UMA.

* Helpful. In terms of gameplay, I was thinking that Faerie-type Pokemon would tend to curb more so towards HP and supportive skills over raw power, being the opposite of Dark-type and its use of trickery to win. This jives well with Faerie-type candidates like Chansey and Audino already. So they'd have lots of healing moves, moves that are effective in Double and Triple Battle, etc. That's not to say you could have offensive-based Faerie-type Pokemon, though, as no type needs to be completely locked into a set statistical distribution.

* Fantasy-inspired. Most Faerie-type Pokemon would be inspired by various "fantasy" creatures. You have the basic fairies like the Clefairy line, the urban legend Pokemon like Dunsparce, angelic creatures like the Togepi line, and then the new Pokemon that are Faerie-type would further this motif by being based off things like imps, leprechauns, unicorns, mermaids, and other fantastical beings. Sure, there's mythical creatures in other Type Groups like Ghost and Dragon, but it'd be cool to have a type that specializes in that. Oh, and animal-based Pokemon wouldn't be "banned" from it either...I think Skitty and Snubull would be perfect fits despite being real animals, as they're very decorated up.

The new Pokemon, Sylveon, inspired this idea...it's general appearance and name fits with this New Type Idea, so it'd of course belong to this group. Being a mythical deer creature appearing in a mystical forest, Xerneas is another Pokemon I think it'd be interesting to see "introduce" this type, and perhaps serve as their guardian (like the Princess Mononoke Forest God)

What old Pokemon would be redistributed into the Faerie-type?: Only Normal Pokemon, given its role of the "uncategorized" type. While there are non-Normal Pokemon that could fit, I think it'd be a more acceptable change if ONLY Normal-types, mostly pure-Normal, were transferred to the new typing. Adding Faerie to pre-existing Pokemon with a set type seems like more of a forceful, non-organic change imo, despite it being a good fit for, say, Celebi and the Lake Trio.

* Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable: Pretty much THE standard for Faerie Pokemon. They're cute, rare, helpful, and based off fantasy creatures...alien pixies.

* Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff: See above.

* Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey: Like the above two, one of the main Faerie-type Pokemon that seems immediately evident.

* Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss: Another obvious example.

* Dunsparce: Seriously. It's based off the mythical Tsuchinoko, and it's got little fairy-like wings. Would spice things up for him, and show that Faerie-Pokemon aren't necessarily "cute".

* Snubull and Granbull: They're dogs, but they look far more...fantasy than, say, the Lillipup line, since old Snubull has on a weird dress and all. Plus Snubull IS the Fairy Pokemon.

* Whismur, Loudred, and Exploud: Not exactly a stock-fairy type creature, but I wanted to have a Faerie-type Pokemon that was more offensive based and all. They're weird and oddly cute.

* Skitty and Delcatty: Like Snubull, they're real animals, yet not as plain as other cats like Meowth and Glameow. Plus they have a mystical quality being a Moon Stone evolver.

* Audino: It's the new Chansey, so yeah.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Ditto and Castform are "weird" Normal Pokemon, but since Normal is the catch-all, I think two Pokemon which change into different types should have Normal as their basic Type since it serves as a good "base element" for such Pokemon. Porygon is also weird, yet Faerie doesn't exactly fit a digital Pokemon. Lickitung and Lickilicky and Munchlax and Snorlax are also considerations...they're roughly real animals, but have a fantasy quality to them as well, but I decided they're better off Normal.

Well, that ENDS Part 1! Next time I'll talk about Gameplay Changes with Faerie-types, such as their Weaknesses and Resistances, and Moves!

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    First off, I hate that spelling. Secondly, I really like the idea of a mystical type like this. I can see it being weak to Fighting to explain why many of them were weak to Fighting when thought to be Normal.
  2. Helioptile's Avatar
    Interesting... still would prefer a vacuum type.
  3. Garren's Avatar
    I had the idea for just Fairy, but then there was concern that it'd make people simply think of the modern interpretation of "winged girls" as opposed to my idea for fair folk fantasy creatures. I would prefer the Fairy spelling myself.

    Silktree suggested a Mystic-type, which more or less fits my idea, except it sounds too vague, and doesn't quite suggest the idea of the Type mainly being associated with friendly and helpful creatures to contrast the Dark-type, making it sound more like a strict Element.
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    I should also add, I really like this blog. You put a lot of creativity and thought into it, par for the course with your speculation blogs.
  5. Winterdaze's Avatar
    I like this idea too, I always found it a little odd that clearly mystical Pokemon like Clefairy and Togetic were lumped into what is essentially a "misc" category along with much more "normal" things like cows and deer. I also like the idea of having another character based typing rather than one based on elements or powers, like the Dark type.

    My only concern is that fae aren't exactly benevolent creatures in most myths, in fact many of their characteristics would be more suited to Ghost and Dark types. Though I suppose a more modern take on the fair folk could still be the basis for a "good" antithesis to the Dark type, seeing as this is a modern series and all.


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