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Do you consider yourself to be a Feminist? Serious Blog.

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by , 16th April 2013 at 01:58 PM (4900 Views)
Lately I've begun to definitely take an interest in Feminism, in a way to help curb some of my past misogynistic traits and ignorance of my own privilege in being a white male. I was never heavily misogynistic or anything like that, but you know, I was the typical angry, "nice guy" sexually-frustrated high school male with a victim complex that sometimes blamed women's rights and feminism for my problems. Thankfully, this was before Reddit and such, so I never found myself falling into the nastier side of MRA (which I think really needs to examine its modus operandi and general belief structure and mission) communities or anything like that, thankfully. Sometimes I still have those feelings pop up, but you know, I think it's good that I feel guilt over thinking that way and seek to change it--it's a positive trait, in my opinion, to not be stubborn and open to change.

But yeah, I really like to get involved in discussions revolving feminism issues lately such as abortion rights, the "rape culture", casual racism and misogyny, patriarchy, gender roles, etc. I've found myself to be pretty good at debating Feminist issues in a few threads here and there, although I wish I was a bit more active outside of the Internet if I could get over some of my social fears and anxiety.

So, anyone else here consider themselves to be a Feminist? And, despite popular belief, you don't have to be a female to take in an interest in women's rights. And does anyone consider themselves to be a MRA - Men Right's Activist? I'd like to hear from people like that and try to understand where they're coming from.

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  1. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    Yeah I guess I'd say I'm a feminist. Also with all the people in this comment section who claim not to be feminist but do agree with (most of) their points, I gotta say feminists have gotten a negative stigma lately. I guess the vocal minority of online ranters are to blame, those people who will write entire tumblr posts on how you're a terrible person for not agreeing how the Brave writers are terrible people for saying Merida isn't lesbian and other minor stuff. Which kinda sucks for feminism as a whole.

    @H-con; feminism is actually pro having women also be in the army at the same position as men (like if it's mandatory it should be for both genders). Others explained it better. As for privilege, that's a thing that's being abused by the ranters I mentioned above and gets a bad rep because of it. Basically privilege means that you should realise it sucks more to be a minority because unlike you they'll be more likely to be suspected of stealing something when browsing a store and stuff like that, and just keep that in mind. It's not about feeling guilty, it's just being aware that some things in life are a little less sucky for you and would suck a little more if you were a minority/female/gay/born into a dirt poor family.

    Quote Originally Posted by Haruhi.
    I am a girl who is conservative and brought up with beliefs that the key to femininity is submission. ei: I think women should follow the husband and that is also a cultural beliefs as well. Feminism and their followers doesn't support those kinds of women. They shame them. :[

    I don't know about you, but I don't want to be shamed just for being submissive to whatever husband I have in the future.
    Well there's a difference for wanting all women to be submissive to their husbands or wanting that every woman can decide for themselves what they want and then choose to be submissive yourself. Feminism is for everyone having the choice.
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  2. はるひ's Avatar
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    Mine is like that as well, hence which is why I am the way I am as of now. People often tell me "oh your wrong" but never even try to understand where I am coming from. It's easy to tell someone that they are wrong but it's easier said than done. Not many people were brought up with the same ideals and standards as me but still...

    I don't mind being a career powered woman, I mean those women are idolized as hell. But when I get married per-say and my husband says "stop working", I will do it because my morals are my stronger conscious and I could never forgive myself if I chose to go against what I believed in. Same with abortion, I could never forgive myself. Things can change with my thought process but as of now, this is how I am. I want to be a great partner one day but I can't be a great partner if I am one of those women who are in your face and keeps the husband on a short leash. I don't want to be like that.

    and I wish people could understand why. In the MRA I made friends who share the same views as me and it does feel like I'm not alone in that aspect. I do wish that people would stop calling me misogynist. I'm not the same kid from years ago who rendered herself a chauvinist. ;p
  3. Gama's Avatar
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    The point is that this privilege thing is taken to the absurd by some. I hate it, it's not my fault, I don't give a flying fuck. And I will have a problem with feminists that focus on this thing rather than focusing on the actual problems that certainly isn't solved with complaining about the patriarchy and white male privilege.

    I'm sorry if came out as very angry (nothing personal), but I'm just fed up with it. I just want to live my life without having things like this tacked onto it. I recognize womens problems, but I do want them to recognize ours as well. Most people don't bother with this in their day to day life, and realizing you're privileged or not have no bearing on it at all. It doesn't matter, and I don't believe it would change a thing.
    Part right, part wrong. You're right that the privilege idea is taken too far by some. It's not something that should be used to hit you over the head with, nor is it something you should feel guilty about.

    That doesn't change the fact that you should be aware of it and recognise it. Obviously realising you're privileged must change things because it is the people with the privilege and power that are generally the people in a position to change things. If everyone just whines about how they are disadvantaged, nothing is going to change. If everyone makes an effort to in the areas in which they are advantaged, change things and help the disadvantaged, everyone would be happy. (Oversimplified yes, but basic idea is sound I feel.) At the very least you can recognise that some people have it rougher than you and be conscious that you don't accidentally worsen or help sustain the situation as is very easy to do if you aren't conscious of your own privilege. Again, not saying you should feel guilty for it, but if you are aware of being on the good side of a bad situation, you can do something about it. Hopefully people will do the same for the situations which you are on the bad side of.

    not ridiculously in favour of women
    Never claimed that. I do however, hold by that in some fields, they have a clear advantage (and men in some). Point being, this is not really a thing we should want, but it's worth pointing out.
    You're making excuses as to why women are abusing the legal system. Hardly gender equality at all when it favors one and not the other.
    I think you need to be clear (with yourself more than anyone else) what your position is. Individual women are not abusing the legal system, though they may benefit from it (in the same way that you are not responsible for your privilege but are benefiting from it). It's not very nice to say as much. It also does not favour "one and not the other." The legal system has major advantages and disadvantages for both genders, and the vast majority of feminists want to eliminate both of these facts.
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  4. Momoka's Avatar
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    I'm definitely a feminist. There is no reason not to be(I'm not here for an argument though, since I get a tad too passionate on the topic and it might be seem as flaming or baiting). Women deserve and should be given the same rights as men. Women are just as capable. We aren't just here to 'make you a sandwich' and/or be the submissive wife you want.

    Not all men think that way, but a lot do. Enough for me to become disgusted, honestly. Women are human, just like men. And yet sometimes we get barely treated as such. Something more like 'objects'. A woman isn't allowed to wear spaghetti straps in school because some men apparently might cut them off but men are allowed to wear shirts that say "cool story girl, now get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich". That's not funny and it won't ever be. Of course, that's probably the least offensive thing I have seen in regards to being sexist.

    Not all women are these 'gentle, sweet, perfect' beings that we were made out to be in probably the 19th century. Women can be just as offensive, sexist, perverted, and gross as men. So I'm saying that I know not all women are these perfect people and likewise men aren't. We're the same in that regard. And even though we definitely have our differences in various areas, that in no way means that women are apparently incapable of some jobs because we are 'too weak'. Just like men, all women are different. Some men do not like football, so okay that's good. Don't play or watch football. Some women do not like playing with dolls. Okay good, don't play with dolls. We are all different and yet we deserve the same rights as men because for some reason we were denied that for a long time and there are still areas where we are not allowed to cross.

    Bottom line, I'm a super feminist who believes women are owed the same rights as men. I'm not looking for an argument, I'll get too passionate. Just wanted to get my opinion stated here.

    EDIT: Okay, maybe what I said didn't make as much sense as I thought when I typed it. Bottom line, women should be able to have complete control over their bodies without men having any say so because it's our body and we can do whatever we want with them. A women should be allowed to do and be what she wants. If she wants to be independent, let her. If she wants to be submissive, you let her. Women are allowed to do whatever they want. End of story.
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  5. Garren's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackFox
    I wouldn't say so. I think men and women should be treated equally depending on the individual. For instance, i'm stronger than my brother, i've proven that on many occassions, therefore if we're ever carrying something heavy, I don't take offence if he asks me to carry it. There's a certain charm in feminism and believing that women should be treated a certain way my men, but it's very outdated and in the days of equality, i'm happy to be treated like everybody else.
    I...I don't think you quite get the idea of "Feminism".

    Because you just described a situation in which Feminism has worked, i.e., you being treated like an individual with your own agency and the ability to do the same tasks as men.

    You seem to be thinking of perhaps chauvinism and the patriarchal idea of femininity, which is completely different.
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