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Create-A-Pokemon Unused Type Combo Challenge: Grass/Fire and Fire/Grass Challenge.

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To hype up Pokemon X and Y, this is a new Blog Feature...I'll take an unused type combination (bar the countless Normal-dual types) and then create two Pokemon corresponding to those types, with one Pokemon being "X/Y", and the other being "Y/X", X and Y being used simply here to represent whatever type combo I'm doing. Sure, it doesn't make a difference in game-play, but it gives two varied ideas.

I'll just be doing single-stage Pokemon (rather than creating full lines, but you could imagine them as part of an evolution line), and I won't be doing any evolutions of pre-existing Pokemon.

So, here's Entry #1
Grass/Fire and Fire/Grass

X2 Weaknesses: Rock, Flying, Poison
1/2 Resistances: Electric, Steel
1/4 Resistances: Grass

Pokemon Unused Type Challenge...BEGIN! Today's ideas are a Grass/Fire Mexican Bandito Bell Pepper, and a Fire/Grass Koala Fireman.

English Name: Bandiento (from bandito, meaning outlaw in Spanish, and pimiento, pepper)
Japanese Name: Peppachi [ペッパチ] (From "pepper", and the onomatopoeia donpatchi, the sound of gun fire, and pachi pachi, which can mean something hot bursting open)
Species: Pepper Pokemon
Type: Grass/Fire Pokemon
Height and Weight: 52.4 lbs./3'7"
Egg Group: Grass/Human Like

"A mischievous POKEMON with a violent disposition and disregard for order. It's skilled in using the peppers around its waist like weapons, firing off burning liquid at anyone who gets in its way."

"Its body emits a chemical compound that causes a burning sensation to those who come it contact with it. BANDIENTO roam the land angry and alone, hated by human and POKEMON alike.

Design: Its main body resembles a red bell pepper, with the two bumps on the bottom of the pepper being spaced further apart to serve as legs. Because of how its legs are stumps and spread apart, it walks like a classic cowboy does, spread-legged. Anyway, atop the main body, the dark green "hat" of the bell pepper is large and resembles a Mexican-style sombrero, with a little stem running out at the top. The edge of the stem is decorated with a little flame-looking flower, just to give it a bit more "Grassy" look.

It has no eyes, as they're assumed to be hidden beneath the hood of the hat. Instead, where its eyes would be, is a giant, upward crescent-curved dark-green mustache. Beneath that is a wide, teeth-barring smile that stretches down most of its body. Its arms are rather simplistic, dark-green stem coming from the center of its body with stubby hands at the end. Beneath its mouth is a dark-green vine that stretches around its body like a belt, and it has two red jalapeño peppers attached by the stem on the sides of the belt like holsters. It can actually remove the jalapeño peppers, and hold them like little guns.

Origin: Well, a Pokemon based off a pepper seems like an obvious choice for Grass/Fire. At first I had the idea of making it musical based...with it using pepper shakers like maracas...but then I thought that intruded on Ludicolo and Maractus, so instead I kept the idea of making it Latino flavored, but instead of a dancer, I went with a Mexican Bandito-type character. My idea was that it's a mischievous Pokemon that's too hot to handle, and lives the life of an outlaw due to the fact that it's so unloved...after all, no one can touch its body without being burnt. It also wields around little jalapeño peppers like guns, and can fire out hot pepper juice from them to attack opponents. I kind of imagine it as the Pokemon version of Yosemite Sam.

Gameplay: In terms of stats, I imagine it being a glass cannon, but a Special Sweeper. Even though it looks slow, it'd actually have very good speed, because of how fast it can wield its pepper guns. And since it mainly uses guns to attack, its Special Attack would be quite high. HP would be decent, but Defenses would be low.

Its Ability would definitely be Flame Body, but I could see Sniper as an alternate choice as well given its gun-play abilities. Moves would include projectile-based moves such as Lock-On, Bullet Seed, Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Scald, and maybe some Spore-type moves as well.

English Name: Eukoala (just a mix between eucalyptus and koala)
Japanese Name: Kibaiala [キバイアラ] (kibai, wood ash, and koala
Species: Bush Fire Pokemon
Type: Fire/Grass Pokemon
Height and Weight: 24.1 lbs/2'3"
Egg Groups: Grass/Field

"Its diet consists exclusively of oily Eucalyptus leaves. Using the oil inside its body, it regularly starts small fires to help Eucalyptus trees thrive and maintain a stable environment."

"It uses its own flames to extinguish out-of-control fires that threaten its habitat. The leaves covering its body protect it from harm while fire-fighting."

Design: Well, its basic body is that of a cute little Koala, with light-green fur coverings its body, but it also has some light-red fur on its paws, chest, inner ears, and cheeks. It wears a wooden helmet made from tree-bark, with reddish eucalyptus leaves drooping down from the sides and the back, although its big ears pop through. It also has four more eucalyptus leaves that grow from its neck, two running down the back, and two running down the front serving as a little vest. Kind of a simple design.

Origin: Eucalyptus leaves are super oily, and thus are quite flammable, yet are simultaneously able to withstand fact, they have seeds which only open when a fire lets out, as then the seeds are able to make use of the ash and lack of competing plants to grow easier. So, when a Bush Fire happens, you could say Eucalyptus trees benefit in the long run by getting rid of competing plants. So, my idea for a Fire/Grass Pokemon is a Koala Pokemon that actually fulfills an important niche, regularly starting fires, than extinguishing them, in order to ensure the grow of Eucalyptus trees, its favorite food. The Fire Fighter role is also represented in the helmet it wears which is based off the typical Japanese fire-fighter helmet. If a fire gets out of control, it will start its own fire to try and cancel out the other one.

Gameplay: Stats...I'm thinking not a particularly strong Pokemon, but overall balanced, with a focus in Special Defense mainly, but not anything to write home about.

Ability wise, I was thinking Flash Fire, since it's adept when moving among flames. Leaf Guard would also work, as would Sap Sipper too. Moves would include Physical-type Grass moves, like Leaf Blade and Razor Leaf, and Special-type Fire moves, like Incinerate and Ember. And some other moves like Pluck and Smokescreen.

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  1. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    The first one seems a little ridiculous but I'd use it all the time. Nice job mate.
  2. Karisse's Avatar
    Bandiento stereotypical.

    And, so awesome.


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