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this is always an incomplete, unfinished, changing document. also, this post contains potentially triggering and explicit information and details.

name(s): not telling you here

system(s): mostly singlet, somewhat complicated

species and/or spirit(s): human-passing privileged for all of the following: otherkin, therian, nonhuman, non/human, furry, cat, catkin, catperson, ostricat, catostrich, shloof, catashloof, fairyshloof, catfairyshloof, catfairy, fairycat, fairy, fairykin [also, in the past: snake, fish, bear?]

age(s): young adult, 21

pronouns: woh, uske, usko, uskos, uskoself / uskoselves ; they, them, theirs, themself / theirself / themselves / theirselves ; she, her, hers, herself / herselves [this post has more information]
[more about genders and pronouns in this list post!]

sex(es): non-binary, not female, not male, assigned dyadic non-intersex binary female

gender(s): non-binary, gendercomplicated, gendercomplex, genderconfused, genderqueer, genderfluid, genderfuck, femme, not a woman, not a womyn, not a man, binary assigned a girl / woman

gender presentation(s): queer, femme, high femme, genderfluid, genderfuck, gendercomplex

attraction(s): queer, femmephilic, queerplatonic, polyplatonic, pan?platonic, pan?philic

romance(s): queer, pan?romantic, polyromantic, spectraromantic, femmeromantic, skolioromantic

sexuality / (ies): queer, complicated-sexual, grey-A / grey asexual, skoliosexual, polysexual, spectrasexual, femmesexual, pan?sexual

relationship(s): queer, polyamorous, skolioromantic, polyplatonic, spectraromantic, femmeromantic, queerplatonic, pan?platonic

kink(s): queer, kinky, furry, aspiring dominatrix, switch, exploring

family / (ies): searching for / building a chosen family, mostly nuclear family raised

race(s): person of colour (POC), biracial, brown, dusty, south asian, lightskinned, non white, not white, half white

ethnicity / (ies): desi, punjabi, bengali, slavic, swiss-germanic, english?, irish?

nationality / (ies): indian, u.s. american / u.s.ian, transnational?

citizenship / refugee status(es): bi-citizened (india and usa), documented, non-refugee

culture(s): cross cultural, rootlost, diasporic?

caste(s): upper caste

language(s): mostly monolingual, english (first language), hindi (to some / a fair extent), canish, spanish (very little), french (very little)

religion(s): hindu and sikh heritage, atheist raised by mostly atheist parents, currently unsure / exploring sometimes

economic class(es): currently lower middle class?, raised middle class, shifting

employment and income status(es): unemployed, unable to work, on disability income, some financial help from family

social / socioeconomic status(es): dependent, academically privileged

dis / education(s): high school graduate with IB (international baccalaureate) diploma, almost three years of college credit for an incomplete liberal arts undergraduate college degree (BA), currently on forced medical leave, academically privileged

drug usage(s) and / or history / (ies): none / very rare, barely acquainted with alcohol (bad experiences), medication clashing issues

sociality / (ies): anti / complicated social, someways introvert, someways extrovert

size(s): normative height, normatively slim, normatively curvy, thin privileged

body modification(s): none

diet(s): largely but not necessarily mostly vegetarian, finicky / very particular about meat

dis / ability (ies): disabled, person with disabilities (PWD)

intellectual dis / ability (ies): intellectually privileged, normative

developmental dis / ability (ies): developmentally privileged, normative

vision(s): myopic within a normatively privileged range (glasses wearing since a young age, have worn contacts)

hearing(s): D / deaf, bilateral moderately severe hearing loss due to at first unchecked severe neonatal jaundice, oral deaf, orally assimilated since a very young age (some experience with speech therapy when I was very young), non signing, I wear hearing aids most of the time

limbs: congenitally digitally atypical (on my left hand), otherwise normative

spine(s): normative

genetic disabilities: possibly psychiatric, otherwise none

genetic predispositions: possibly psychiatric / psychological issues, possibly heart issues (not presenting currently), possibly cancer (not presenting currently)

allergies: possibly dust and seasonal allergies (sometimes get rather bad)

immune system(s): normative

digestive system(s): IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), otherwise normative

lymph system(s): normative

respiratory system(s): normative

excretory system(s): IBS, otherwise normative

sleep cycles / system(s): usually normative, sometimes nocturnal, almost always vivid / strange / awful dreams, sometimes (not very often) trouble falling asleep

skin(s): normative except for being a person of colour

hair: normative

vitals: normative

heart(s): normative

blood sugar: normative

surgical history / (ies): laparoscopic appendectomy

X-ray / CT Scan / MRI Scan / EEG / EKG / ECG / etc history / (ies): CT Scan for appendicitis, X-rays a couple times, EKG and EEG done at least once each

biopsy history / (ies): none

STI / STD history / (ies): vaginitis (yeast infections), otherwise none

reproductive and (if applicable) menstrual system(s): normative as far as i know, often really bad cramps with periods

memory system(s): normative

neurotype(s): neurodivergent, psychotic, crazy, loopy, borderline, overemotional oversensitive hysterical wreck, rageful, volatile, impulsive, weird, strange, bizarre, peculiar, extremely anxious, intense, obsessive, compulsive, delusional, limerent, gloomy, moody, sad, depressed

neurotype diagnosis / (es) and / or history / (ies):
[key: * = doctor diagnosed (including all kinds of psychs), ! = acquaintance / friend / family / teacher / stranger / etc diagnosed, # = self diagnosed, ?? = undiagnosed]
*!# stress, *!# anxiety, *# OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), *!# depression, * MDD (major depressive disorder) / clinical depression, * !#BPD (borderline personality disorder), * borderline psychosis, * hypersexuality, * mood disorder, * behavioural issues, *# PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), !# limerence, # trichotillomania, # dermatillomania, # many many phobias, # many many triggers, ?? neurological? semi-voluntary conscious fitlike? stimming-like? behaviours, *!# self-harm, *# suicidalism, # parasuicidalism, # homicidal ideation, # rapist ideation, # violent ideation, !# manipulation, *!# destructive behaviour, *!# violent behaviour, *# delusions, *# panic/anxiety attacks, # psychosis, # possible disordered eating issues, # bodily dysphoria

psychiatric testing history / (ies): tested several times -- IQ tests, aptitude tests, psych disorder tests, personality tests, rorschach tests

hospitalization(s) / institutionalization(s) history / (ies): several psychiatric institutionalizations (forced/involuntary, voluntary-ish, & complicated), forced confinement, restraints, forced sedations, emergency care several times, very few medical hospitalizations not related to psychiatric / psychological issues

medications: psychiatric medication since 2004, otherwise not much / normative except for a few instances

abuse history/(ies): abuse victim / survivor (medical, psychiatric, family, emotional, verbal, psychological, physical, some sexual), abuse perpetrator (emotional, verbal, psychological, some physical, some sexual)

other characteristics: cynical, pessimistic, hopeful, idealistic, hopeless, passionate, stubborn, angry, bitter, persistent, despairing, dreamer, wisher, writer, artist, poet

i do not believe there is any one true way to fight oppression.

i believe it is important to investigate the systemic natures of oppressions in order to stop them. i am invested in recognizing and being accountable for my privileges and my fuckups, acknowledging and valuing and appreciating and validating marginalized identities, respecting complex intersections, and resisting, naming, challenging and overthrowing kyriarchy in its various forms.

some of the oppressions and systems that kyriarchy is composed of:
(some of these things are restated in different words, and this is by no means a complete list)
ableism. abuse culture. academic elitism. ageism. adultism. ahistoricalism. allism. anthropocentrism. antisemitism. antiziganism. appropriation. asexual hate. atheist dogma. audism. authoritarian models and hierarchies. bdsm hate. binarism. body modifications hate. body policing. bullying. capitalism. cartesian dualism. casteism. christian supremacy. chronologism. cisgenderism. cissexism. classism. coercive diagnosis. colonialism. colorism. communalism. compulsory schooling. conservatism. cultural appropriation. cyber / online / internet culture hate. democracy. determinism. diet shaming. drug use enforcement. drug use & culture hate. educationism / educational institutionalism. elitism. enforced silencing. enforcing and policing dichotomies. enforcing attitudes. enforcing the self / body and self / mind dichotomies. environmental destruction. erasure. ethnicism. ethnocentrism. eurocentrism. evolutionary psychology. fascism. fat hate. food policing. fundamentalism. furry hate. gender policing. genderizations. genderqueer hate. generalizations. globalization. government ideology. grammar / spelling policing. gridmapping. GSM / GSAM (gender and (a)sexuality marginalized) hate. healthism. heightism. heteronormativity. heterosexism. hierarchalism. hindutva. hueism. imperialism. individualism. islam hate. jingoism. kink hate. kink policing. language(s) policing / imposition. liberalism. libertarianism. linearity. logocentrism. looksism. majority rule. marginalization. marriage as an enforced norm. militarism. misogyny. monoamorism. monogamism. monosexism. nation-state ideology. nationalism. nazism. neocolonialism. neoliberalism. nerd / geek hate. nonconsent culture. nonconsensual / coercive fetishization. nonconsensual / coercive sexualization. nonhuman hate. normativity. objectivism. oppression of undocumented beings. oppressive family structures. oppressive notions of science. oralism. orientalism. otherkin hate + erasure. parentism. patriotism. policing. policing selfhoods. privatization. progressivism. property ideology. queer hate. racism. surprise sex culture. rationalism. republicanism. religious / spiritual discrimination. reproductivism. revisionism. saffronization. scientific dogma. sectarianism. sex work hate + shaming. sexism. sexualism. shaming in general. singletism. sizism. speciesism. standardized work and education. statism. stealth shaming. stigmatization. the academic industrial complex. the adult / child dichotomy. the "all dichotomies must be false dichotomies" philosophy. the bigoted myth of neutrality. the prison industrial complex. therian hate. totalitarianism. transabled hate. transmisogyny. trans (*) hate. universalism. victim blaming. war. zionism.




  1. Garren's Avatar
    This is what I've been reading about tonight, the latest "internet craze" called multiplicatives...basically, people who have multiple personalities (read: anime characters) living inside them.


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