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Nuzlocke Pokemon Y

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Hey All. Decided that'd I would Nuzlocke Pokemon Y since a friend of mine bought a year of bank. Named myself Terra, for well, myself, and I decided to do this run with Chespin. So far I'm on my way to Champhier Town.

Beginning to Santalune City

The tutorial part of the game. Also the part where the annoying friends are extra annoying. As I said above, I picked Chespin to be my starter. I named him Chippendale, for Chip and Dale, not the adult group I didn't tell you to look up. Headed onto Route 2. Pokemon there was a Caterpie, named him Oswalt. Next I headed into Viridian Santalune Forest and caught a Weedle, forgot to nickname her. Went through and had Caterpie evolve into Metapod. I held Weedle off of evolving until I was able to have it learn Bug Bite. On Route 3 I caught a Bunnelby, named him Handear (Han-Dear), for my team. It had the unfortunate ability of Cheek Pouch. Then I headed into Santalune City to be greeted by my annoying friends.

Santalune City to Santalune City Gym

After dealing with my annoying friends I went to Route 22 and ended up catching a Litleo, named her Nala. I then trained up my team with Chippendale to around level 12 and everyone else around level 10. I then went through the gym battling the Gym Trainers with Nala. I then went to face Viola and destroyed her with Chippendale who used Rollout the entire battle.

Santalune City Gym to Champier Town

After completely decimating the hardest gym leader in the game I took my team to Route 7 where I caught a Flabébé and named it Beauté. I went through the Route having had Chippendale evolve into Quilladin and Oswalt evolve into Butterfree. In Lumiose City I boxed Chippendale to collect my second starter from Sycamore. During the battle with him, my unnamed Weedle learned Bug Bite and evolved into Kakuna. I ended up choosing Squirtle and naming it Ace. After dealing with my annoying friends once more I was onto Route 8 where I caught a Furfrou and named it Pongo. On this Route, my unnamed Kakuna evolved into a Beedrill and Ace evolved into Wartortle. I also had a nasty run in with a trainer's Kadabra on this Route as it almost KO'd half of my team.

After reaching Champier Town my team is as follows:

In Party-

Beauté the Flabébé - Lvl 14
Ace the Wartortle - Lvl 16
Oswalt the Butterfree - lvl 15
Nala the Litleo - lvl 18
Handear the Bunnelby - lvl 15
Unnamed Beedrill the Beedrill - lvl 17


Chippendale the Quilladin - lvl 16
Pongo the Furfrou - lvl 9

And by my next update I should have a few more evolved Pokemon, a few new Pokemon, a few more badges, and a nicknamed Beedrill.

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