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FireRed Nuzlocke Run, Hard Mode

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by , 14th January 2011 at 03:57 PM (534 Views)
Continuing from last time, I had gone in to face Misty. I had went, ready to play Bush and Keller. I also bought Jake II for a possible sacrifice. I had easily swept Misty with few Healing Items. In the end, Bush evolved into a new friend:

Bush the Gloom. Bush began to smell so he was put away. After retrieving Maxxie and Magikarp the Magikarp, I set out. Going south, I ran into a new Pokemon:

Kara the Meowth.Kara was sent to the box. When I continued south, I reached a building. Curious, I went inside. There was a man wishing to train my Pokemon. I gave him Magikarp and set out.

On Route 7, I had no encounters. I then continued to the Pokemon Center in the next town and picked up Bulks. I went into Diglett Cave to get a new Bro. Guess what I got:

Nubs the Diglett. Nub was swapped out for Tox, since Tennie learns moves over 30 Power. Onto Route 13, I caught another Pokemon:

Baku the Drowzee. I had put Baku away for later and went to board the S.S. Anne. I had saved on the ship.

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