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A Pokespe theory

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by , 12th December 2010 at 07:24 PM (961 Views)
Why hello there fans of Pokemon Adventures.

I'm sure you've probably thought of this too but I decided to post this theory I came up with (and posted on Serebii and Mangafox...)

Well here it is

In volume 36 the "thin clothed girls" Platinum Berlitz, Snowpoint Gym Leader Candice, and Veilstone Gym Leader Maylene were defeated easily by the Galactic Commander Jupiter

They were left stranded at the Aquity Lakefront to die from the cold but Platinum managed to get them to safety, her Rapidash took them to a temple. Platinum heard the sound of a Pokemon and decided to catch it just in case it was going to attack. Before she could do this, she fainted from injuries and the Pokeball rolled out of her hands and into the temple

The Pokeball rolled next to a large silhoutte of a mysterious Pokemon

Later, in volume 37 after giving Dia his newest Pokemon Platinum digs into her bag and lets out a surprised gasp.

In the magazines it was never fully established what exactly was in the bag. The final chapter of the DP chapter in the magazines stated more will be added in the Tankoban and now with the recent appearance of Sird it looks like we may find out what was in the bag.

Of course don't forget, this only a theory and may turn out to be a false assumption.

But still, opinions?

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  1. Owain's Avatar
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    ^^ that explains that face, when she looked something in her bag!

    i thought regigigas's appeareance was just a cameo, that's a brillinat Theory Eitaro!
  2. Eitarou's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Finally someone comments. I've been waiting ages for at least something.

    And to add a little more fuel to the fire

    But reading some of Coronis' past reviews I noticed that some others had noticed that it may have been Regigigas who carried them to the Center

    This kinda makes it more possible
  3. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
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    This is a really interisting theory. Plus that Regigas pic is pure awesome :D
  4. Eitarou's Avatar
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    Pointless now since it is in fact, true


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