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Pokémon RéBURST Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins!

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by , 7th April 2011 at 06:05 PM (618 Views)
O hai, a blog post, bet you didn't see one of these coming up again?(not like anyone posts to these except that one time)

But here we go, the first chapter of the newly released Poké-manga, Pokémon RéBURST. Oh, and spare me the "It's a ripoff of Digimon Frontier" crap, it's gotten old and retarded...

Ok, we start off to Ryouga, our main character, dashing off into the valley to finish an exam while his grandparents and mother watch. The scene then cuts a flashback of a younger Ryouga calling out to a mysterious figure in the clouds only known as “Arcades”. Arcades tells Ryouga that if he can become strong enough, then he’ll take him to his missing father; the young Ryouga then tells him that he will become strong enough.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our hero; oh god we're screwed.

Back in the present, we see a young woman named Miruto who has fallen off a mountain she was climbing while on her first solo mission.

Pointless fanservice scene: Check
She quickly meets Ryouga who happened to be passing while carrying a very large boulder on his back. He forcibly takes her to his village to get medical help all while carrying her on top of the boulder.

That's one way to impress the ladies
Ryouga takes the boulder (and Miruto) back to his village and he successfully passes the test while Miruto goes to get some first aid. Ryouga gets a black box that belonged to his father from his grandfather. Ryouga's mother, Haruna, protests Ryouga leaving the village; Ryouga's grandfather reminds her that since he passed the trial, there is no point in stopping him. Miruto states that people leave on journeys with Pokémon all the time, but this just causes Haruna to run off to her house crying while Ryouga frowns with sadness.

Ryouga then goes to go leave while Miruto tells him to not go in that direction as there is a town known as "Madoro Town" and that going near there is no good. However, the words "no good" and "impossible" cause Ryouga to lose it and sets out to prove her wrong. Ryouga goes out to a canyon and yells to his mother that he will come back home one day; his mother hears his words and puts on a smile.

In Madoro Town, a mysterious group of people with symbols on their outfits that have the letters G.G on them are attacking the townspeople, stealing their Pokémon, and tearing the town apart. A young girl tries to run after a truck that has taken her Pokémon that she named Tekkun but a member of the "G.G gang" tries to stop her by punching her. Ryouga saves her at the last minute by kicking the grunt in the face and takes out his partner. Ryouga tells her that he is going to save her Tekkun and runs off to where the truck stopped. He gets into more fights when Miruto arrives on the scene wondering what could’ve caused such a mess.

Ryouga, saving children from pedophiles since 2011
As Ryouga beats up more grunts he is sent flying by a man that the gaurds call Commander Yaza; Yaza wonders how a kid was able to beat them all. After seeing Ryouga rise up from the rubble he was lying under, Yaza tells the grunts to his weapon to a large tube. Suddenly, Yaza's weapon ignites and he tries to burn Ryouga to a crisp with it. Yaza reveals that his weapon is powered by the life energy of Fire Type Pokémon and he prepares to finish off Ryouga when someone throws a smoke bomb, saving him at the last minute.

Ryouga: I'm a minor, stop!!!
Ryouga finds out that Miruto was the one who threw the smoke bomb and she chews him out for ignoring her warning from before. Ryouga tells her that his father once went out to stop people like Yaza, people who use Pokémon for evil purposes. They suddenly hear Yaza calling out for Ryouga while holding the little girl from before hostage. He threatens to burn her to death unless Ryouga comes out of hiding.

InB4 Frontier Ripoff comments
Ryouga pulls out the black box that his grandfather had given him earlier and goes to challenge Yaza. After a brief flashback, Ryouga stands in front of Yaza and opens the black box to find a small jewel inside of it. He takes the jewel and fixes it onto his left hand and suddenly a blast of energy forms around Ryouga, transforming him into something. Back at the village of Protecting time, Ryouga's grandparents and mother watch the light and Haruna realizes that her son has finally become Zekrom.

The transformation finishes and Ryouga has become a half human half Pokémon creature. Yaza recognizes the technique as BURST and in a nervous fit, attempts to attack Ryouga but only has his weapon destroyed when it comes in contact with him. Ryouga responds to that with an attack of his own, a punch to Yaza's stomach that sends him flying into a wall and knocked unconscious. The chapter ends when little girl drops to the floor and runs to Miruto while crying while Ryouga roars to Arcades that he has finally become strong.

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  1. Gligar13's Avatar
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    No, it's not a Digimon Frontier Ripoff. There, I said it.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I'm really looking forward to seeing more from this manga. This concept would be pretty fun to read about, and so far the characters have caught my interest.

    ...I want that magic jewel.


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