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Eitarou's Episode Review Blog! Iris and Kibago!

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And here we are, the second episode of Best Wishes!

The episode starts off with Pikachu's powers going crazy from the end of the previous episode. As Zekrom's Shadow passes he goes back to normal, and as an added bonus, his powers have returned.

Later that night when Ash, Delia, Oak, a Pikachu (in a highchair) are eating dinner, Ash tells them he's decided to go on an adventure (I'm sure no one saw that coming). The next morning Ash receives Pokeballs and a Dex from Professor Araragi and he sets off on his adventure of the Isshu league while Mijumaru watches (stalker alert).

Ash runs through the road while wondering he'll catch a Bug, Grass, or Water type Pokemon first when Pikachu spots something. Ash Dexs the "Pokemon" and finds it a Kibago, he attempts a capture but it turns out that it's not a Pokemon but a human!

The human (a girl) angrily shouts at him for throwing a Pokeball at her haid and introduces herself as Iris and revealing that Kibago is in fact hers. When she sees Pikachu she calls it cute and starts squeezing him, however this is a bad idea as he shocks her.

A little later Iris apologizes and they talk about Zekrom while Pikachu notices a Shikijika. Ash, wanting to catch it immediatly chases after it while Iris tells him to wait up.

Meanwhile we see Team Rocket talking to their boss and getting their mission. They ask for their Pokemon but Giovanni's Secretary tells them that their old Pokemon will seem suspicious in Isshu (meowth wonders why he stays though) after the video ends Giovanni mentions "another team" in the Isshu region. While Team Rocket talk about getting more Pokemon a group of Koromori fly towards them.

Back to Ash and co, Ash finds the Shikijika but he fails at capturing it and is spun around by a group of Minezumi.

Later on Ash picks an apple from a tree and is crushed by a huge pile of apples (caused by Iris). Later at night Iris and Ash continue their talk about Zekrom until Ash notices she's fallen asleep. Ash and Pikachu notice a Falling star which they see as a sign of good luck and they get excited while Stalkermaru watches them.

The next day Ash finds a group of Mamepato and attacks one of them but before he can capture it they others attack them. All but one of them flee and Ash battles it with Pikachu, after a tough battle and one close call Ash manages to capture his First Isshu Pokemon, Mamepato. Ash and Pikachu celebrate their first capture while Iris arrives and calls Ash a kid for being so excited.

Their celebration is cut short when Pikachu and Kibago are captured by none other than Team Rocket. After a new motto and Iris being shocked after seeing a Talking Meowth, they begin their battle. Ash sends out Mamepato while Meowth attacks, Mamepato blows him back though.

Jessie sends out her newest Pokemon, Koromori which battles and defeats Mamepato. Team Rocket attempt to leave by Ballon but Ash and Iris climb the tree to try and stop to them, Ash fails misrably. Mijumaru arrives and throws his Shell at the ballon, popping it in the process. Ash and Iris catch their Pokemon and Mijumaru happily dances.

With their Pokemon back, Ash has Pikachu use thunderbolt but Jessie counters with Koromori who defeats him. Mijumaru jumps infront of them and blasts Koromori with Water and knocks it into Team Rocket. Pikachu attempts to use Volt tackle on them but they escape with a smokescree. Ash and Iris take their Pokemon to a Pokemon center while thanking Mijumaru.

Later at the Pokemon center everyones Pokemon is fully healed. Iris thanks Ash for saving Kibago while he states it was Mijumaru who should be thanked and wonders why it did it in the first place. The episode ends with Mijumaru watching them once again.

Ah another good episode

a capture, a character introduction, and a new Team Rocket! can this get any better?

So Ash's team is Pikachu, and Mamepato

and Iris is Kibago

no more wobbufet for the new serious Team Rocket

Jessie has Koromori

and James with ....nothing...

I give Iris and Kibago a 8/10!

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