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Trolling omegle is fun.

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by , 30th June 2011 at 12:59 PM (286 Views)
You: Hello.

Stranger: hi

Stranger: i like tacos

Stranger: ")

Stranger: :)

You: No way! Me too!

Stranger: yep

Stranger: do u like subway?

You: Do you like waffles too?

Stranger: omg!!!

Stranger: yeaah

You: How about blue waffles?

Stranger: and muffins

Stranger: :)

You: You like blue waffles?

Stranger: blue waffles? :O

Stranger: i didnt know they exist

You: Yeah man!

You: Google blue waffle and click I'm feeling lucky and tell me what you think!

Stranger: ok let me see

You: Problem?

Stranger: wow

You: Trololololololol


WARNING: DO NOT LOOK UP BLUE WAFFLE. (That is unless you enjoy giving yourself PTSD)

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  1. GoldenrodGOD's Avatar
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  2. Oswin's Avatar
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    I think I have encountered you on Omegle :D
  3. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    Do you like fishsticks?
  4. mariowie's Avatar
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    googles blue waffle...... okay wtf.
  5. 투 애니원's Avatar
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    What about tubgirl xD
  6. Beausoleil's Avatar
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    Stranger: hi

    You: I'm Batman.


    Repeat ad infinitum,
  7. Slenderman's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by PkmnGreen
    I think I have encountered you on Omegle :D
    Was my 'stranger' seriously you? DUDE. What're the chances of that?


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