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B/W refrencing 9/11?

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I found this on twitter. Apparently OMG facts thing there are remains of sky scrapers on route 4. And they think that Kyurem is a terrorist. The meteor didn't hit route 4, it hit where the giant chasm is. Get your facts right, OMG facts.

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  1. Cyber Jet's Avatar

    These people should play the games or at least check some websites before posting this shit.
  2. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    Also, it's not ruins. It's a construction site to build.
  3. Shadow Raikou's Avatar
    Its close enough.... but the point is, even after meteors, the place doesnt turn into a desert? and btw, maybe castelia city would cover the desert.
  4. Mitsuru's Avatar
    This was already jossed on TV Tropes...

    They're also ignoring the fact that Kyurem landed a long time ago, long before 9/11.
  5. Nelly's Avatar
    @Debauch: That last part has no bearing on whether it was a reference to Ground Zero or not.

    Honestly, I doubt it is, but it certainly could be. Seemed more of a reference to constant construction in large cities to me.
  6. Mitsuru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeJacob
    @Debauch: That last part has no bearing on whether it was a reference to Ground Zero or not.
    How so?
  7. Gligar13's Avatar

    Some people never play what they review.

    It's not the first time.
  8. Nelly's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Debauch
    How so?
    Because if I created, say, a movie with a fake city based on NYC and included a reference to Ground Zero, it doesn't have to literally be the WTC and it doesn't have to follow the same timeline. Hell, it doesn't even have to be the result of an attack or a commentary on it; it could just be a reference to a skyline that used to be. It's not a reference to the events, but the site.

    Now, I seriously doubt it's the case with B/W, but if it is, it is simply a reference to a skyline changed not an attack. Though it inevitably has that connection.
  9. Mitsuru's Avatar
    @YeOldeJacob: Sure, but my comment was directed at the theory that WTC was once there, and was supposedly later destroyed by Kyurem. It's unlikely that any modern skyscrapers were there prior to the game's events, so it looks like any "change" is a result of recent expansion, not deconstruction. I don't think any theories on previous superstructures have much value, aside from the ruins of the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort.


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