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Im such a geek... :D

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Yeah, Im a Pokegeek, as are most people here. And I, for all my geekiness, collect Pokemon figures. And I decided, to showcase that geekiness, I would write a list of all the Pokefigures I own. And I will update the list, and possibly the pictures, as my collection expands. So, the list!

My entire figure collection!

And because I reckon they're so very awesome:


Apologies for crappy phone camera quality.

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Updated 3rd February 2011 at 08:41 PM by gallowsCalibrator



  1. double trouble!'s Avatar
    cool (some images are broken btw)
    I had.. some watches and discs for the computer... that's about it.
  2. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
    Holy fucking shit, that is absolutely badass.
  3. gallowsCalibrator's Avatar
    @double trouble- Nah, they aint broken. for some reason they appear next to the images Im trying to post. I only put 3 images there.
    That collection has taken me the best part of a year to amass. And its gonna keep growing!
    EDIT: Woops, you were right! Fix'd now.

    @El Noobio- Why thankyou! I quite like them myself. :D Particularly Zekrom.
  4. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Very nice! I should post a pic of mine sometime. It's smaller, but still quite rad. :D
  5. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    That is so awesome :D

    I'm gunna post mine some day.
  6. Infinity Storm's Avatar
    wow. pure... awesomeness..
  7. Kakuna Matata's Avatar

    But seriously, those are some Mons you have there. Not as kewl as mine though. :P
  8. gallowsCalibrator's Avatar
    @Turtle Tamer Kammy- Yeah, you should post it! Id like to see other peoples collections.

    @yourlilemogirl- Again, yes! Post it! You must!

    @InfinityLuxray- Cheers mate!

    @Kakuna Matata- NOOOOO! Not my legendaries!! But, they're my favourites! Aside from my Gold Muk.
    Yeah, well your collection shames everyone...Ive seen those photos.
  9. Blaah's Avatar
    How on Earth do you get all this stuff? I can never find any Pokemon merch nowadays. Zero. Zilch. Nothin'.

    Nice gold Muk btw. Obviously had to be at the front in the middle :D
  10. CorpseFlower's Avatar
    Nice collection!
    I have some figures left from my childhood obsession, but most of them are in a box at my parents' house. I have the original 'eons (+eevee), a talking snorlax, and some plushies here with me. :3


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