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  1. Bonnie Tyler Music

  2. A Terrible Idea, and an Unrelated PSA

    I really want to cosplay as Lysandre and force @GastlyGibus; to cosplay as Sycamore, then crash a con somewhere together and freak everyone out with some kind of ridiculous dual antics. It will never happen, but I will continue to act like it will because the idea amuses me more than it should and because I could totally pull it off.

    Also, I should really write more Lysandre Goes Clothes Shopping, but Mafia is soooo addicting that what little free time I have ...
  3. Pokemon spin-offs are starting to seem out of touch.

    Yes, this is about Battle Trozei. Yes, it is a bit of a rant.

    I feel like in general the spin-offs aren't just going downhill, they're ridiculously out of touch with consumer demand and taste. It's not like I'm just nostalgia-ing or anything--yes, Snap, Pinball, TCG, Puzzle League and Puzzle Challenge and the Stadiums and etc. were fantastic, but so were Colosseum, XD, the first two sets of Mystery Dungeon games, the Ranger series, Pinball R/S... etc etc etc.

    There ...
  4. The Kill La Kill Mandub

    So my friend refuses to watch subbed anime (I know he sucks right), because he can't like read and watch at the same time or something, but he wants to watch Kill La Kill.

    Naturally, the only solution is for me to dub the entire thing by myself.

    Naturally, Satsuki will have a German accent.

    Naturally, Uzu will have a Cockney accent.

    Naturally, Takarada will have a Harry Enfield voice.

    Naturally, I will do falsetto for all ...

    Backstory first. So basically, during Gen 3 as a kid I lived in the Pokemon world, literally. The neighborhood was full of kids who were obsessed with Pokemon, from the nice guys across the street to the popular girl at the local school to the bully who would try to beat up the midget of the group until we'd save him and throw the thug over the fence and watch him get chewed out by his mom, and anyway we'd all always carry around Fire Red or Leaf Green ALL THE TIME along with that little wireless ...
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