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Born this Way

White Pokémon (April 15, 2011)

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Here are my Pokémon for Pokémon White Version. These Pokémon are often rotated around.

Currently on Team

Can Be Rotated Onto Team

Serperior (Male, Jolly): Level 71
Emboar (Male, Jolly): Level 72
Samurott (Male, Adamant): Level 71
Gigalith (Male, Hardy, Shiny): Level 74
Haxorus (Male, Lonely): Level 74
Hydreigon (Male, Naive): Level 72
Braviary (Male, Bashful): Level 72
Metagross (Gentle): Level 70
Darmanitan (Male, Calm): Level 72

More Pokémon will be added as time passes. In the meantime, ratings and suggestions are strongly appreciated!

All Pokémon and Levels are as of April 15, 2011.

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