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Undesirable lies. Undesirable!!

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by , 17th November 2010 at 07:25 PM (325 Views)
The Last Airbender DVD release party review:
So by now, you'd be expecting me to say:

"Totally radical, dudes!"
"You'll never guess what I did last night!"

Well... WRONG!

It was actually terrible. The kid was actually on webcam, not live like my instructor said. He said he was going to be there. But was he? Nooooooooooo, not even close, my friend.

Probably one of the worst things was that there were TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. Yes, there were. We could hear the questions other schools were asking (there were four across the nation), but the answers were mute. Scattered around the screen, about three or four seconds of answer were heard. I wanted to ask one, but three kids were chosen at random, but I wasn't chosen. The pizza... they got sixty-eight boxes, but to about fifty-something kids there, they only gave one to each as opposed to the random parties we usually have. In those random parties, we drink Pepsi. Guess what me and a bunch of kids around my age and some adults drank? Juicy Juice! Yes, Juicy Juice in puny little boxes! Not cool!

Well, everything needs to have its good points. They had a raffle that whoever won in round one would get a The Last Airbender DVD along with a bag with a poster inside, a tatoo, a movie-based activity book and a weird card. The ones who won in round two would win everything mentioned above except for the DVD. Those who didn't win were able to get a bag with everything inside minus the poster with no DVD. So that was the only good point.

Sorry if I got your hopes high, but it was just really low quality.

4 points out of 20

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  1. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
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    Wouldn't it be torture to get TLA as a prize?
  2. Mijumaru's Avatar
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    It would, but the good thing is that I won a raffle. I like winning.

    By the way, a kid there said that the movie was better than the cartoon.
  3. Rakarei's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unleashed
    By the way, a kid there said that the movie was better than the cartoon.
    -1 faith in humanity.


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