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Born this Way

  1. My first four uploaded videos on YouTube!

    Here they are!

    Just an interesting piece of information: the voice heard in videos two, three and four is my voice, but chipmunked.

    What do you think of these videos?
  2. Christmas Presents!

    - iPod Touch (8GB)
    - iPod Touch Skin Two-Pack
    - iPod Touch Earphones (Although There Were Already Earphones Inside the iPhone's Package)
    - $50 iTunes Gift Card
    - CSI Forensics Kit (Face Reconstruction)
    - Peppermint Stick
    - Chocolates
    - Metal Gryffindor Bottle
    - Candy Cane
    - $25 From my Aunt (Inside a Stocking!)
    - $20 From my Neighbor (Inside a Christmas Card Inside an Envelope!)
    - EA Life Technology Bracelet-Type Thing ...
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everybody! I might have said this several times, but there's no limit to saying Merry Christmas.

    May your Christmas Day be merry and prosper!

    Unfortunately, this is my last day as Spirit of Christmas.
  4. Friday, December 24, 2010

    SoC Day Overview 5

    'Twas the night before Christmas...

    Yeah, today was basically that I had the Christmas party. The party was alright, although it was a major downfall from previous years. Less people came, there was a smaller variety of foods to choose from...

    There was nearly no music. The only two songs that I heard that I know were Bon Bon and Pitbull.

    I did get some presents, but I'm not opening them until tomorrow.

    Day Overviews
  5. Please, Christmas, don't be late!

    Do you want a plane that loops the loop?

    Or do you want a hula hoop?

    It's already time for the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas!

    Before I start, I'm just going to say for those people who have Christmas before us to go hide in the corner. You might start Christmas first, but you end it first, too! There's always a force that opposes you.

    Okay, so now, I'm going to get good ol' Frosty to say us a phrase...
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