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Born this Way

Christmas Presents!

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by , 25th December 2010 at 12:16 PM (147 Views)
- iPod Touch (8GB)
- iPod Touch Skin Two-Pack
- iPod Touch Earphones (Although There Were Already Earphones Inside the iPhone's Package)
- $50 iTunes Gift Card
- CSI Forensics Kit (Face Reconstruction)
- Peppermint Stick
- Chocolates
- Metal Gryffindor Bottle
- Candy Cane
- $25 From my Aunt (Inside a Stocking!)
- $20 From my Neighbor (Inside a Christmas Card Inside an Envelope!)
- EA Life Technology Bracelet-Type Thing (It Helps You Keep Energy and Balance)
- Tin of Cookies
- A Leaf of Aloe Vera

Yeah, so that's about it. I got lots of good presents.

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