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It Official....

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by , 6th May 2011 at 08:23 PM (463 Views)
Tranformers 3 is going to be BADASS!

Yep, im totally going to watch it...

In other news, Sonic's 20th anniversary is next month

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  1. Red's Avatar
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    You know, I might actually feel a greater sense of excitement and fanboyism if "Revenge of the Fallen" hadn't disappointed me so. Each trailer for these films have been incredible at raising the bar, showcasing beautiful set pieces and carnage. Along with Sam's typical call to one of the Autobots; 1 was "Bumblebee!" two and three are "Optimus". I'm probably ignoring other trailers, but those stand out right now.

    The second film looked epic until you sat and watched it, too over the top, (fuck the whole 'it's giant robots' I grew up on this shit I want it respected, not resorted to stereotypical trash and jokes about testicles).

    This seems like pure fan service, Decepticon Invasion, Shockwave leading the charge! Nimoy returning to voice a transformer, Sentinel Prime of all of them! It has all the bearings to make a great film, just deliver! Oh, and these chicks they're choosing for eye candy!

    WTF, not what I want to stare at. Megan Fox has a face that looks like the ass of Hippo on a bad day, and this new chick is equally just as worse. Ashley Greene would've been far better eye candy, IMO. I just hope the blond whore doesn't ruin the film with stilted acting.

    Sorry, your blog gave me an opening for my obligatory TF rant! Thanks!
  2. Mintaka's Avatar
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    On the good side, thanks for the reminder about the anniversary :D
    (...big Sonic fan...xD)
  3. Miles Prower's Avatar
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    Yeah, some of that may be true. But Everyone knows the sequels are always bad....but this one looks very promising. Like I tell everyone else, were going to have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.


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