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  1. Being single sucks

    by , 27th November 2010 at 02:54 AM
    Ugh... I hate being single.

    It's not like I'm asking for forever and all that mushy-gushy movie/love story thing...
    I just want a person I can talk to, who thinks I'm (at the very least) pretty, and who doesn't want sex Right. This. Second.

    And I'm really not as hard to get along with as some might think; I'm very open-minded, and loving.

    I think the reason people are put off is because I'm so dominant despite also being highly motherly, but I ...
  2. Webcomic news

    by , 19th October 2010 at 03:07 PM
    So, I'm doing a webcomic with a friend of mine and finally got the character sheets up, as well as a journal for a Q&A sesson ^_^

    Characters can be viewed here.
    Anyone who wants to join in the question asking can click here.

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  3. Celebration! (Give Away)

    by , 28th July 2010 at 02:55 AM
    I'm celebrating having 2000+ pageviews on my DA account, both here and there.

    And just like there, I'm celebrating by giving away one free request.

    Any sort of sprite thing, banner, a fanfic, or a poem! (And it doesn't have to be about pokemon!)

    I'm giving away one of each.

    And I'll list who has what so nobody gets confused ^_^
    Sprite - Aruscio
    Banner - pichuvolttackle
    Fanfic -
    Poem -

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  4. (Probably my only blog entry) I'm miserable

    by , 8th July 2010 at 04:00 PM

    I really, really, REALLY hate this!

    A few months ago, on gaia, I created a thread, looking for online friends, and maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend.

    I met a really wondeful person, a girl, not too long after I posted it.

    In the beginning, we were really wonderful friends.
    We had so much in common, and we talked all the time, and we just had lots of fun.
    I was so happy.

    Not long after that, I started getting ...
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