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by , 7th November 2012 at 03:55 PM (320 Views)
For one thing I love watching snow fall and it makes everything pretty.

Wish I had a picture of the street I used to live on covered in snow at night with a single trail of tire tracks going down the street as the snow fell slowly and the street lights cast there yellowish glow over the growing mounds of snow atop the parked cars. Since I don't have the closest I could find on the internet.

Around me right now nothing it is just starting to give everything a light dusting of snow, but soon all the trees around me will be covered in the snow. Getting the chance to be the first one to get your footprint on a pristine patch of snow for me has always been really fun. Almost akin to taking the first steps on the moon, not really but it sometimes feels that way when you march though an open space with not a single footstep going across it.

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
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    Ah, winter. It really does look beautiful. Even if it does get very cold and sometimes knock down trees. Kinda like what I captured last year.


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