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  1. Late-night discussion time!

    Hey Bulbagarden, it's late and I felt like posting a new entry, so here's a question for anyone who reads my blog:

    What were your favorite cartoons as a kid?

    (I'm watching Animaniacs right now on my DVD player and feeling nostalgic.)
  2. To all Bostonian Bulbagardeners

    (because I need to make an entry here that isn't about Madoka)

    I'm moving to your city in little over a week! I'm starting as a grad student at BU.

    Anything that I should know before I go there?
  3. More Madoka madness

    Okay guys.

    I took a quiz to see which Madoka character I was and here are the results. What do you think?

    The quiz is here: http://theotaku.com/quizzes/view/2970/which_madoka_magical_girl_are_you%3F

    Also I found this cool image that explains the connections between PMMM and the Faust legend on which it's based (warning - spoilers for episode 8! Also note that this was created in the middle ...
  4. Every freaking Kyubey I could find on the interwebs

    I just need a place to dump all of them because they're all so AWESOME. And other Madoka fans on Bulba can use them, too.

    What the hell:

  5. Any Downton Abbey fans?

    I'm watching an episode as a study break, and I was reminded of how I was completely obsessed with this show when I first saw it (all of it) earlier this summer. Does anybody else here watch it?

    If you do, leave a comment with at least some of the following things (and don't forget to explain why?)
    a) Which season you prefer (1 or 2)
    b) Favorite character
    c) Least favorite character
    d) Favorite couple (canon or not)
    e) Least favorite couple
    f) A major ...

    Updated 23rd August 2012 at 03:11 PM by Misato Katsuragi

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