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Any Downton Abbey fans?

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by , 12th August 2012 at 11:22 PM (312 Views)
I'm watching an episode as a study break, and I was reminded of how I was completely obsessed with this show when I first saw it (all of it) earlier this summer. Does anybody else here watch it?

If you do, leave a comment with at least some of the following things (and don't forget to explain why?)
a) Which season you prefer (1 or 2)
b) Favorite character
c) Least favorite character
d) Favorite couple (canon or not)
e) Least favorite couple
f) A major character is supposed to kick the bucket in Season 3. Who do you think it will be?
g) Another Season 3 prediction
And the last one's a spoiler for people who haven't seen Season 2 so I'm tagging it:

My answers:
a) Second season! War makes everything more exciting!
b) Mary, Sybil or Branson. Can't choose!
c) Probably Daisy, she's annoying at times. Or Cora.
d) Sybil/Branson
e) The femslash shippers who put Cora and O'Brien together. (Or really, O'Brien/anyone) I just don't get it you guys...
f) I have a wild idea that Lord Grantham might die, making Matthew the new Lord Grantham and stirring up a shit-ton of drama... But really, I just hope it's not Sybil or Branson!
g) Edith ends up marrying Sir Anthony Strallan.

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