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About to quit Pokemon (Updated)

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Shocking, something I use to be 100% passionate about, was ruined by a selfish asshole who use to be my friend. Because he liked to assume all I wanted him for was pokemon infor for EV training, which he stopped giving me. And when I tried to have a normal conversation, he never talked. So he (YOU) stuck me in a corner and gave me no options, and then had the nerve to say shit to me.. He constantly writes upset journals, i tried my best to be his friend, but i was just shoved away.

I no longer play pokemon, there is no point, I do not and will never understand EV training, and without it, there is no point in competitive play, and after finishing the storyline of the game, theres nothing left to do. So im done. I cant believe i wasted 5 days egging a pokemon who will now sit in my box for all eternity.

Thank you, once again.

So I recently re-added a friend, forgetting the reason I removed him, and recently remebered it was because he was rude, and even tho he was extremely nice to give me the power items in pokemon, he used that as almost a signed agreement to stay his friend as he abused me. LOL sorry, pixals arnt keeping me in a harassing relationship, I have better things to do then to listen to a little kid tell me the way I play Pokemon isnt fun, because I'd rather not was my time with poorly trained Pokemon. The name of the game is to beat them all, and catch them all and become a pokemon master, you dont become a master with lazy gaming, and sloppy pokemon. I may be "boring" choosing to only battle with a specific type, but its a fun challenge to be able to contradict and pokemon type that is thrown at me, as well as my weakness to Ground types, without ever straying away or resorting to another type. Instead of being a typical trainer in competitive play where they have the usual balanced team including fire, water, grass, electric and whatever else.. I spice things up and over take people with only Electrics. And that there, is fun, if I can ever figure out how to EV train on my own, with the relying on the first guy in this journal. Tho its a lot of math and very confusing without someone who already fallows the EV training methods.. I fear ruining my pokemon that I spent 5 days egging, just on learning..

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  1. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Well, it's not that hard to EV train. What part don't you understand exactly?
  2. Pariah's Avatar
    I can easily teach you...Im the master of it..well kinda :D
  3. Fudgenuggets's Avatar
    Yes, it's not that hard. All you have to do is find a good place with Pokemon that give out the right EVs and defeat them.I had no idea what EV training was until about 2 years ago. It's really easy. :D
  4. Miya902's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gotpika
    Well, it's not that hard to EV train. What part don't you understand exactly?
    All of it, I found this guide, but im horrible at math and i dont even know where to begin! I caught this pidove as a practice guinea pig and I dont even know what to do! Pokemon White EV Training Guide - Pok
  5. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    just use a calculator for maths..
  6. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Why give two shits about how he views your way of gameplay? If you have fun playing the way that you do, continue on doing so. There is no set way to have fun playing these games.

    Personally I don't have the drive for nor see the point in EV training, it's not fun to me. That doesn't stop loads of other users from having a Pokéball with it, nor should it, since everyone has their own definition of fun.

    There are many people here who would be willing to aid you in your quest to master EV training I'm sure. =)


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