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There are monsters among us... Halloween monsters, that is!

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by , 30th October 2013 at 07:06 PM (1331 Views)
Hi all. Been a while since I posted a blog.

Anyway, Halloween is but hours away. It's easily my favorite holiday. I love the creativity that Halloween can produce, and it's one of the few holidays that pretty much everyone can agree on. While it can get out of hand at times, such as the ever infamous pranks, overall, it's just a fun holiday, and a great way to show off one's creations.

While I'm, obviously, too old to trick-or-treat (though I did used to raid the inflatable candy cauldron regularly... those Reeses cups are so addicting), I still have a lot of fun. Back in my old neighborhood, Halloween was one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) holiday in the area. Generally a quiet (almost sleepy) town, when Halloween arrived, that changed in an instant. You won't believe this, but parents would take literally minivans full of kids to our area to trick-or-treat, mainly because it was a peaceful and safe neighborhood, as well as many of the parents having originally grown up there. So we could have at LEAST 300-400 kids on that one night. If Halloween landed on a weekend or Friday, then we could have literally over 600 kids! You can guess we have to really stock up on candy during that time. They would come in hordes (kinda like the Pokemon Hordes in XY, only much, much larger), so you had to be ready to jump up at any given moment to satisfy their sugar cravings.

However, not all the houses used to decorate. Mine was one of the few that did, but we loved it. We could turn our front yard into whatever we desired that night. From ghoulish graveyards to spooky swamps to creepy castles, you name it, we did it. We actually ended up in the local paper a number of times. Sadly, up here, this area is more of a summer town, and everything is very spaced out, so we don't get even one kid anymore, so we don't decorate anymore either. Shame, really, as it was always fun to plan it out then execute it with gusto.

Anyway, I am curious to know if anyone have any costumes ready and what they might be. You know, just for fun and such, not the actual house-to-house bit. I know, I sound like a kid, but I like to have fun, and can be (overly) creative at times (when I'm not suffering from creativity blocks, that is, one of my arch enemies), so Halloween is always a fun time for me. I tend to do cosplay type costumes nowadays, since they can also be used outside of Halloween (plus they last longer, being more durable and better made).

This year's costume is the (Obnoxious) Celtic Guardian from Yugioh, one of my favorite cards (though I wouldn't be surprised if someone asked if I was Link from Legend of Zelda, due to them being similar in appearance). My standby costumes are Miroku and Inuyasha. Four years ago was probably my most cobbled together costume: Elecman.EXE, which, sadly fell apart at the last second (dammit, I worked hard on that one!!! I even had the lightning rods on his back!), forcing me to go to one of my standbys. I'd put up an image of it, but I'm still not able to get images onto my blogs for some reason (plus who wants to see my ugly mug online anyway?).

What about all of you? What costumes/cosplay do you guys have in store? Do you have any fun traditions for Halloween (other than raid the candy bowl)? Let's hear it!
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    Here in The Netherlands hardly anyone celebrates Halloween, although we do have a similar tradition at the 11th of November called Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) where children go from door to door asking for candy, carrying paper lanterns with a candle instead of wearing costumes and singing a song instead of saying trick-or-treat. Different but still sort of the same :) I always looked forward to it as a kid.

    I do think Halloween is very neat. Wearing creepy or funny costumes seems so cool! Happy Halloween!
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    Eh, this year I WAS going to be the Terminator, my first major costume of my design. Usually, we go to Elmora, the big market place by our home, which always is awesome The local Dunkin Donuts gives out Munchkins, but we have to get there early, as when something like Munchkins are given out and there is such a huge crowd, fights and mischief is bound to happen. So.......we usually gather as much candy as we can, then spread out before things go crazy and get to the houses, like today.


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