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*sigh* DS repair woes...

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*sigh* Well, it was bound to happen eventually, but still.

My DS Lite, my oldest DS, as well as my personal favorite, needs repairs. Normally, I could do them myself, but there is just one little problem. And that little problem is enough to be a massive headache.

I've had this DS Lite for years. Over time the battery has lost its ability to hold a charge. No problem, I just order a replacement and swap them out, then safely dispose of the old one. Well there is a new wrinkle in this little dilemma. The battery hatch screw is the source of my problem. It's totally shot, meaning that the head is totally worn out, so a screwdriver can't grip it. I even took it to a tech store for help, but no dice. I actually had to contact Nintendo's repair department directly in hope that, once I get the replacement hatch, they can help me. I have the replacement hatch + screw coming in the mail, and I already have the replacement battery on-hand, but that tiny screw has stopped me dead in my tracks.

You're probably wondering, "Why keep it? It's an out-of-date console and will lose it's internet connection shortly anyway, so just heave it. It's not worth the maintenance."

As I said, that little DS Lite is my favorite DS and I've had it for years. I don't want to replace it (especially since I don't have funds to do so), and the fact is that I still hold several old GBA games that I love to play. I cannot just toss it. Some of those games are treasures to me with lots of fond memories and fun days. Some of those games will never be remade, such as Breath of Fire and Megaman Battle Network, so I cannot bear to lose them. That little DS also got me through some of of my darkest days, especially when my mental health plunged. It was my source of relief, my escape route, keeping me together enough to help me with treatment, even becoming part of it. So I can't just heave it, it's too valuable to me. And like I said, I hardly have the funds right now for a replacement, so repairing it is all I can afford right now.

I know, I sound like a kid, but let's see you be willing to part with something that got you through some of the worst years of your life. So until I get a response (as well as the replacement parts), I have no choice but to just let the poor thing sit in my DS carrying bag and hope it can be saved. Sheesh, just one little screw has totally... screwed up a valuable stress relief outlet for me. As Rei from Breath of Fire 3 would say: "Don't that just beat all?"

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  1. Me Gusta's Avatar
    I Have issues with my DS lite and GBA SP too. The Sp holds the charge for about 2 hours,and My DS's hinge is cracked.I'm just going to get a new SP, and the Ds works fine.
  2. Norzan's Avatar
    I still have my oldest DS wich is a Fat DS and the touching screen no longer works and it no longer has the protection thingy on the upper screen but i can't bring myself to throw it out, way too many memories. Also still got my nearly 10 years old GBA SP, still completely functional.
  3. Venom's Avatar
    how patient are you? because you could take a knife with a serrated edge and score the lid till it's through it might take a few while but eventually you'll get to the screw then use a set of needle nose pliers to unscrew the screw.
  4. MDMassey's Avatar
    I had the same problem with a GBA sp. I took the head off the screw with a small round bit in my dremmel. Once the head came off I was able to pop the cover off and then use a pair of pliers to remove the rest of the screw. I was slow and careful and didnt damage the cover at all doing this. It only took a few minutes to grind the head off the screw as they are pretty small. I have all my Gameboy systems and I even pop 4 AA's in my big grey GB every now and then and enjoy! I can understand why you want to keep your DS Lite going, I still use mine all the time as well.



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