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Preparations for XY games

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by , 27th September 2013 at 11:22 AM (872 Views)
I'm probably not gonna get any responses to this blog, but I thought I'd post anyway (I'm bored).

Well, in just a bit more than two weeks Pokemon XY come out. I've been busy preparing for that. Like many, I tend to reserve certain games so that way I will have the said game regardless of what happens. And being the time-conscious one, I'm quick to picking my my reservations almost the moment the store opens. I guess that's more of a nervous habit (since I am, pretty much, a anxious and paranoid person), but I like to make sure I get what I want right away. That and Gamestop only holds a reserved game for about 48 hours, give or take, but you get it.

So, in short, when certain games are coming out, I tend to prepare for them. I am a bargain hunter, though I'm not above paying full price, but since I depend on a once-a-month disability funding, I have to limit what I buy (that and I have an accursed spend-down to pay because my health insurance doesn't like it when I get more than they will "allow" me to have, so that takes a sizable chunk right out every month). So, when given the chance, I will find a way to limit what I spend but still get what I want.

Anyway, I was just down at my somewhat local Gamestop earlier today. I traded in two old DS games that I don't play anymore and put the credit toward my reserved X and Y games (gaining an extra 30% credit followed by an extra 10% due to being a Rewards Pro member). I also reserved the guide, since I had forgotten about it the last time I was there. I also had to reserve a second Pokemon Y, but that one is a gift for a family member who wouldn't be able to access it normally, and is an avid Pokemon fan (and me, being the big softy for family, agreed to help upon his parent's request).

But anyway, I've been stockpiling credit for XY for a little while now, plus putting some cash down for the reservations. Combine the fact that I also have a $25 Gamestop gift card I got for my birthday (I got that about 7-8 months ago), and a $10 Gamestop coupon, I'm saving a heck of a lot cash. Without factoring tax, totaling three $40 games and one $20 guide would normally equal $140 (give or take), but my reservation down-payments, credits, and gift card/coupon will reduce that to roughly $30. Pretty good saving tactic, don't you think? Like I said, I am willing to pay full price if necessary, but I am opportunistic when I have the ability to cut my costs down to a more manageable level, yet still get what I want. Even my mom, who is probably one of the thriftiest members of my family, isn't that effective at calculating cost-cutting strategies like I can be (though, she is also willing to blow her entire bank account on any random antique/junk she "has to have", much to my chagrin... at least the stuff I bring in is generally small, not her Queen Mary-sized boxes of stuff).

So, there you have it. After XY, the next game I have to prepare for is Ratchet & Clank; Into the Nexus (though that one will be easier, since it's a lot cheaper and I only need one). That's all for now.

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