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Old game/video replay

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by , 19th September 2013 at 07:12 PM (334 Views)
Well, things have settled down here now. The tension is over, dad will quit that job tomorrow, and mental tranquility has been restored. And I think my emotional outburst when things got too much for me seemed to actually helped level out the situation, seemingly linking the family again through my distraught. Whew... glad that's over. Well, it's probably not totally over, but I think the worst is said and done. Now I can be a little more relaxed... hopefully.

So, to defuse some built-up stress, I've been revisiting older games and videos to play until XY are released, or at least until I'm able to fully relax and calm myself to normal levels. Most recently, I've been playing the old GC games like Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Video-wise, I recently got the complete series of the Angry Beavers for old time sake (back when cartoons were at least decent), and tapped into ones like Zoids: Chaotic Century, and even tapped into the fan-service series anime known as Sekirei (I do have a dark side, but that's what loneliness and a lack of confidence around others will do to you *whimper*). Don't judge me... I've endured enough of that already...

I haven't gotten back to writing, which is probably my most powerful form of stress relief. However, I've had little motivation otherwise, which also keeps my usually overactive imagination from kicking things into gear. So, I guess I play/watch some stuff from my collections in that it either restarts my mood to a better level or gives me ideas to feed off from to form various plots for my characters. We'll see what it does.

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  1. WindBlast's Avatar
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    I am really glad to hear that things are ok for you at home :)

    As a poet myself, I just have to ask...what do you write? :)
  2. CynthiaLover's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by WindBlast
    I am really glad to hear that things are ok for you at home :)

    As a poet myself, I just have to ask...what do you write? :)
    Fantasy, usually, but some sci-fi is often mixed in. It varies by mood and/or ideas. Sadly, I retire as many ideas as I start. I started writing to relieve the anxiety I felt from the 9/11 attack (I'm very sensitive to my surroundings, so when panic or fear is in the air, I feel it full-force), but it has since taken a life of its own. My style was, sad to say, crude at first, so my earlier stories were generally vague and not very fleshed out. It took a creative writing course in college to really smooth out my style and such.

    Usually they have a center theme, based off of a series, like Breath of Fire or Zoids. Probably my most "successful" series is my own version of Zoids Legacy, using Zeru, Juno, and Pulse as the center characters (but modified to fit a different structure, like Juno being a member of the Zenebas race over an Ancient Zoidian, Zeru having been completely remodeled, etc). That is probably my most completed and thought-out story series I have written, though I haven't touched it since March. My biggest problem is either lack of motivation or (the biggest culprit) writer's block, both of which cripple any series I write. But that's usually what I do in terms of stories.


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