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Finally netted my first shiny!

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Took long enough, but I finally managed to catch my first shiny.

There is also a pun in the title. Can you figure it out?

If not, I'll tell you.

I caught a shiny Qwilfish with the chain fishing method. (Get it? Fishing. Netted. Fishing net? *chirp chirp chirp chirp*)

.........Okay, lame pun, but I like groan-worthy puns.

But boy, did that take forever. Not only is it my first shiny seen in this gen, let alone caught, but I went through a huge chain just to find the slaggin' mine-shaped balloon fish! I lost count around 40, but I think it was actually closer to 55 when I finally hooked the darn thing, maybe even more. I even used a Inkay with the Suction Cups ability to boost my chances. I admit, I can be very persistent at times (and very stubborn), and this was the only way I had any control when it came to a shiny hunt. I am pathetic when it comes to the Poke Radar (to this day I still can't get it right), hordes haven't gotten me very far, and even the FS has failed me. I've had much more luck with Hidden Abilities than shiny Mons this time around, and usually it's the other way around. Sheesh.

Well, at least I finally got one. Not my first choice of Mon, but I'll take it. At least I named it something fun (Depth Charge, since it looks like a depth charge/naval mine). Well, once my 3DS is fully charged again, I'll take another stab at the chain fishing thing, as it's the only method I've been successful at this gen in general.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    I laughed at the pun
  2. Durbe's Avatar
    Too bad it wasn't a Net Ball, then the pun would increase 100% in punisity.
  3. Chibster's Avatar
    Yaay! Good job! I tried chain fishing too and reeled in a shiny Dragalge and Cloyster. If you continue after you get a shiny, your chain doesn't break. :)
    I know I'm horrible at Poke Radar chaining. The highest I can go is 5. -_-
  4. WindBlast's Avatar
    Congrats :P
  5. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    Thanks all. And there is an update. For starters, it turns out my longest chain was actually... brace yourselves... 121 consecutive catches. Qwilfish was definitely somewhere in the higher range of that number, so that proves I'm either the most persistent person when sufficiently annoyed, or I really wanted to do something right for a change. And the second update is that, in a much shorter chain, I caught a shiny Relicanth late last night, but the chain broke immediately afterward. Well, at least I've managed to do the chain fishing thing right, as I'm an utter failure with the Poke Radar (I can't get past chain 2 without screwing it up), and I've been having a bit of trouble with breeding (for some odd reason, even though they're in the same groups, the Pokemon I pair up together to get certain egg moves just seem to hate each other, even if I catch duplicates, they just hate each other!). So that's the update from me.


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