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In my mind, that's a Deoxys

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In reality, it's just Mew.
I wonder how many of those I have boxed up? Like 3 of them...? Whatever, at least the overpowered Jesus goat didn't win this time. :P

I still want a Deoxys though T-T

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  1. Kouzan's Avatar
    I have no Mew as do a lot of people , so this is a rare opportunity for most people to finally get one.

    Though then again Rayquaza or Deoyxs would of made a better shirt.
  2. Master Mew's Avatar
    This should come as no surprise. Everyone knows Mew is the greatest pokemon of all time, and the ancestor of all other - yes, including that dumb goat stuck in the fence.
  3. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Fudgenuggets I would totally give you a Deoxys if I could. Since I don't have a Deoxys to give, I drew you one instead 8D

  4. Setra's Avatar
    There is no confirmation that they will be distributing the winner. They would have said, "The winning Pokèmon will be distributed via Nintendo Wi-fi." They said downloadable package. The most I'm hoping for is an animated Mew screensaver and a background for my laptop. :P
  5. Kouzan's Avatar
    That's kind of a disappointing if they aren't cause I really want a Mew.


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