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OK, so I don't usually talk about his kind of stuff because I tend to keep these kinds of things to myself. :/

So recently, I've been contemplating about the future. Through my fifteen years of my life, I've seen people come into my life and people leave. People have affected my life and I've touched other people's lives. But what will happen to me in to future? People say that I'm really smart and all, but honestly, I'm not sure exactly what I want to do. I've also been thinking about the people and things around me. The fact that I will experience and see many terrible things such as friends and family dying really scares me. However, I also know that there are many great people I have yet to meet. What will happen to me and the people around me in the future? How will the world change? How will my life change and what kinds of things will I experience? What kinds of things will I see and what will I accomplish before my life ends? What kinds of things will happen after I've ceased to exist? All these questions, along with many other have been bothering me for quite some time...

Wow, I'm too young to be thinking about these things. ._.

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  1. Kaori's Avatar
    You're never too young to be thinking about such things. I wonder about them all the time and have for ages, and I'm 18. I know it's a little bit unsettling in that it's a curious and sometimes scary notion to have all of that ahead of you, but as you get older, it will quickly pass and you will start to realise when these things have happened even more.

    I know the feeling of not being sure what you want to do. It has taken me up to this age to even find a subject I genuinely want to study further intensively. It takes me out of my comfort zone and it won't be a very useful qualification, but I have to follow what I feel has made me grow and feel happy. Keep trying anything you ever want to (even if you feel scared/pessimistic about it) and you will find something eventually. Don't let the pressure the world can put on people get you down; yes, you need to rise to challenges and survive practically, but you also need to follow something that is productive/fulfulling to you as a person as well as you as a student/worker. There are lots of things to come, but if you look around you to find what you enjoy or want to try and the friends who're worth truly holding on to (and there are few), you will have a head start on anything that comes to you.


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