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by , 14th November 2011 at 02:26 AM (176 Views)
That's the sound of my stretching after a good three month long nap.


But I've been working on something special.

I was inspired by the blogs here to finally pursue a Nuzlocke challenge of my own. I had contemplated it for a long time, but reading everyone's stories really made me decide to catch up with all the recent comics posted on the Nuzlocke site. Eventually I found myself wanting to make my own comic detailing my adventures with Nuzlocke's rules. How could I not? It combined my love of Pokémon and my old love of making comics that had been neglected for a couple of years.

After a couple months, I finished the first episode today. I won't be posting anything here though. Not yet. Not until I at least get episode two out and rolling. That probably means I won't be posting anything for at least two weeks and at most two centuries - not that it changes anything. Though, unlike the first episode, it shouldn't take me two months to produce.

I've already got the whole story arch worked out over three games because I've put a lot of back story into prequels (which is stupid because I don't like the idea of using prequels). Also, I've only played through one of them, so this is going to be quite an endeavor. I can guarantee I won't pursue it to the end, but I'll definitely have fun doing it.

Seriously. College and work suck up a stupid amount of my time. I'll be lucky to finish the comics for one game.

This is all assuming anyone is even interested in seeing yet another Nuzlocke comic on the internet, and if you're not, I know I am. But to try and peak your interests, I'll attach a little teaser from episode 2:

I kinda wish I drew it all with stick figures or all on the computer, but it is a challenge after all.

See you in a few moons.


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