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  1. My brother's post-Christmas Pokémon gift

    For Christmas this year, I got my younger brother the first three books of the Percy Jackson series. (I wanted to get him all five but the box set that had all five was out of stock on Amazon and wouldn't make it in time for Christmas.)

    But what he doesn't know is that I've planned a special break with him… :D He has a copy of Pokémon Emerald that I gave him after he "won" the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Young Writer's Program a year ago. I also pulled out ...
  2. PokéSchool

    Hi this is manaphy910 here!

    Recently, my little brother (age 7) wanted me to do "PokéSchool" with him. Basically, I'm going to teach him about Pokémon and slip in little real world things as well.

    For example, I'm setting up a PokéMart for him and he'll use Pokémon Dollars (just play money) to buy things such as cards, pencils, etc., to teach him about money.

    I decided to go out and buy Pokémon Platinum and Pokémon HeartGold for him (he ...
  3. Popcorn

    This is my first blog attempt, and I hope it goes over well!

    Today, I'm writing about popcorn. I love a good bag of popcorn, whether it's at the movies, an amusement park, or a popcorn store.

    According to Wikipedia, popcorn was first discovered by Native Americans in North America – evidence from 3600 B.C. was found in New Mexico. So yes, popcorn is very American.

    My obsession began in the summer of 2010 at Tokyo DisneySea. They had so many different ...