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  1. Imogen Heap.


    I have rediscovered this woman's greatness. I used to listen to her all the time when I was younger, but I stopped listening for a while and got into other artists. Just yesterday, I re-listened to her Speak for Yourself album and fell back in love with her. Does anyone else listen to her? Isn't she awesome? I think Speak for Yourself is my favorite album of hers, but I also like Ellipse. I haven't really listened to all of the first album she released, ...

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  2. My Six Favorite Colors

    ~ My Six Favorite Colors~

    1) Blue: This is one is my top favorite color of all. When I think of blue, I think of relaxation and tranquility. A lot of my favorite things are blue: the ocean, the sky, my car, the case for my iPod touch is partially blue, one of my favorite shirts is blue, etc. Everyone should love the color blue. If you don’t, then…you fail, tbh.

    2) Green: A few months ago, this color would have been at the very top, but it isn’t anymore. I do still ...