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by , 28th March 2013 at 11:38 PM (269 Views)
Sometime it can be such a hassle. Especially if you try trading on the internet.

For example, the only pokémon I'm missing right now is Meloetta, (Yeas, I know... I missed the event... VV;). And I am almost certain that if I ask for it, almost everyone is going to ask for shinies with good stats, or rare pokémon with good stats. I'm just a completionist, not a battler, so I often don't even have well trained pokémon. Let alone pokémon at level 100.

Why do I know this. Well, it has happened for the legendary shiny dogs, it happened for Celebi, it happened for Keldeo, it happened for Arceus, it happened for Genesect, etc. I've eventually gotten my hands on them, but it has taken time.

So... yeah, basically I don't have what anyone else asks for. Kind of a dumb problem, but it always happens to me.

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  1. Dolce's Avatar
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    Oh c'mon it's not that bad. x) Plus people here are usually willing to negotiate. :3 And no I'm not saying this cause I'm a trade mod, I swears. :D;
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  2. Zexy's Avatar
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    That's why I find trading annoying as well. I only support it between my games, for some Pokevolutions and breedings with each other. I still rarely use the GTS as well... :))
  3. Jolene's Avatar
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    Whatever happened to trade and trade back just to get it recorded in your Pokedex?


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