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It's new bandwagon time

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This time we countdown our top ten pop-sounding songs.

10 - You Found Me by The Fray because it is dark yet uplifting.

9- Don't Let Me Fall by B.O.B because the video effects were epic and the theme is to not sever bonds.

8- Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera for referencing a living legend.

7- Paradise by Coldplay because the rhythm and lyrics resonate creating a harmonious recipe.

6- Nothing by The Script for having a video that literally referenced the words creating a sweet flavor for one's ears.

5- Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum because it reminds people of a certain holliday coming up.

4- Don't Stop(Color On the Walls) by Foster the People for a funny car chase video and awesome lyrics.

3- Stereo Hearts by GCH/ Adam Levine because it resonated with me while having an amusing video.

2- Drive By by Train because it has a good lyric video, refernces Mario, and has a good beat.

1- Heartbeat by The Fray for having a fire burning in the rain that keeps on burning.

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