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My Shoes!

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by , 18th September 2011 at 02:44 PM (224 Views)
Let'th get thome shoeth! ♪

Anybody know that song? The one where the shoes are "three hundred fucking dollars" and the dude still decided to get them but they don't fit and he tells the girl employee to go fu-

Anyway, getting on track, I got bored, so I'm uploading pics of my shoes. They're four years old, and I've had them since freshman year, and they're starting to fall apart already. They used to be shiny and white, but now... well... lookie:







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  1. Dr. GM's Avatar
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    @PkmnGreen: YESH! That one!!! Oh my God, that brings back memories...! Bad memories, but still. =w=
  2. Kazooie's Avatar
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    I find it strange that I have shoes just like them... o.o
  3. Dr. GM's Avatar
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    @Milkapoke: You always gotta point that out, don't you...? =w=