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The Magic Scoliosis Bus...

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Appearantly, I have it.

Today, we went to the nurse's office to get our weight, height, spine, and all that crap, checked out. It was mandatory, so I had to do it. When she checked mine, she decided to pull up my records and make a phone call to my mom. I couldn't hear anything she said, mostly because we were going back to class by that time. Anyway, when I got home, I got on, posted the previous blog, and then went to the doc's, cuz that's what the nurse told my mom to do, appearantly.

And now, I'm diagnosed with Scoliosis. In Lamens terms, my spine is crooked and I'll be sure to be crippled in a matter of time, I guess... This is a result from me having to carry both a backpack and messenger bag to and from school, in my own attempt to lose weight and gain muscle [s]which was almost pointless for the former, since I end up losing tons of pounds whenever [REDACTED], which makes me vomit uncontrollably for the next few days, but enough of that...[/s]

I don't know exactly what we'll do about it, what treatment I'll get, or if I'll need braces or stuff. But I'm just glad my mom decided to get off her ass and start picking me up from school. Hell, I'm just glad she decided to take me to get checked out without me having to ask her this time, because God knows that I've been telling her that I've gone def in my left ear for the PAST FOUR FUCKING WEEKS!!!

Anyway, that's something to read. Food for thought.

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  1. ChinYao's Avatar
    Holy crap GM D= I hope you get whatever treatment you need!!
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    I agree with Hallow. D: I'm sorry, I hope everything gets better.
  3. Laterose's Avatar
    Yikes, I'm sorry. I have a friend who has scoliosis. Hope everything turns out alright. :/
  4. Dr. GM's Avatar
    I shoulda probably gotten my ear, my pains, involuntary hiccups, and the weird feeling in my side checked out too, huh? ^^;
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Yeah. ^^'

    (And aren't all hiccups involuntary?)
  6. ghaskan's Avatar
    It won't make you crippled just like that, don't worry. I also have scoliosis (that comes from another problem I have) and I haven't had a major headache from it, though my back hurts sometimes and it may hurt even more when I get older. It sucks, and I feel for you, though I wouldn't freak out that much.
  7. Dr. GM's Avatar
    @Karamazov: I've had involuntary hiccups for all of my high school time. I hiccup once every few hours fo no reason... ^^;

    @ghaskan: I'm assuming I'll be crippled eventually, since my mom procrastinates a lot when it comes to my medical attention. That's why I STILL CAN'T FUCKING HEAR OUT OF MY LEFT EAR!!! >:(
  8. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Epic Magic School Bus reference! Hell yeah!

    Oh, yes, and what Hallowheart said.