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Chaotic Inferno


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Someone finally put up our performance from Saturday night!! X3 Though, if anyone does wish to see, let me tell you...
There were some people missing (two in the flutes I think) and some others, probably. There are some spacing problems, yes. Also at about 6:17, from the part where the drummers and pit start playing (The Closer) we had learned all that about a wweek BEFORE Pigskin Jubilee, so....yeah. Also, I do realize we're having trouble on timing. We're working on that as well.

Here's our performance, yes, there were some mistakes but, we're currently working our @$$ off trying to fix them.


NOTE: We got three 1st Divisions!! X3 Not two, lwhich is pretty awesome.

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Updated 7th November 2011 at 06:18 AM by Chaotic Inferno (Needed to add more info.)

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  1. Phantom Kat's Avatar
    Considering you had people missing, the spacing was good. Oh how I hated fixing spacing due to people not being there; sometimes it ends up in people practically jazz-running to the new spot. >.> I wish our director had been stricter in the aspect of who would get the spot and who would be kicked to prop crew or whatever.

    And yay for straight ones! Best news ever, considering it wasn't a State year and you don't have anything to shoot for. (Also, am I the only one that went, "Aww... D:" when Santa Rosa got a 3? Every year I feel a bit sorry for them.

    - Kat
  2. Chaotic Inferno's Avatar
    You actually watched the show? OwO;; I didn't think anyone would. But yes some people were missing. We accidently would try to cover the spots but, the judges said to leave them empty. That and the mot problem we face was pulsing. A little secret, the reason why Lopez does their best to get 1st Division is because we're scared of upsetting the head band director. ._.;;

    I was so happy! Also, if a band gets 4, 4, 3, shouldn't they get a 4th Division? :| I didn't see Santa Rosa. But I did feel sorry for everyone that got a 3rd and 2nd Division... Although, during the results, when a school gained a 2nd, I think, some guy in the stands yelled out, "WHAT?" It was kinda funny. XD


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