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Chaotic Inferno

World History Finals

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by , 15th December 2012 at 12:49 PM (371 Views)
Our final exam is a bit... different than usual tests. We have to create a historical music video using any (but metal) genre of music we want.


^ Like that.
I have chosen "Never Gonna Give You Up" (do I really need to say by who?) and was stuck with Classical Rome (753 B.C. - A.D. 476). We wanted to include Christianity, the government they had, and Pax Romana. So far... I have no idea as to how I'm going to re-write the chorus... er, any help?

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  1. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    I can't help too much with lyrics, but I wish you luck. And... you're really going to do an indirect Rickroll on your classroom? O-o
  2. Chaotic Inferno's Avatar
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    Ah, well thank you for the comment at least. >.< And yes, I will. xD See, I already Rickrolled them by accident though. The laptop was on high volume and the music played....yeah. :P


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