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We did it!

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by , 29th October 2012 at 12:05 PM (195 Views)
This past weekend, my school's marching band went to a competition similar to something called Pigskin. Well, I'll be honest...we literally sucked. Hardly anyone played, people were marching on the wrong foot....etc. After the performance, people in the band were already being negative and accepting that we lost. After the performance, we went a bit crazy. We watched other's performances, and were judging (most were pretty bad) the ones after us. At around 7:30 or so, finals were announced.

Out of 42 bands, only 11 can advance to finals, so it was pretty nerve-wrecking. And again, we weren't expecting for our school to be announced since we screwed up bad. Then, suddenly, we hear the first three letters being pronounced and automatically go insane. We were just screaming for a whole 1 minute (others were about 30 sec. before they finally settled down) before finally we calmed down....and missed the last two that made it. Finals were being held that same day, in about two hours. Though, we were second to last to perform. Of course, everyone had to dress back into uniforms before performing around midnight. And again, the same process occurred. We were called to advance to state. <3 Which is next Tuesday, I think? I'm very excited. :3

Btw, when they were announcing who would perform in finals, they were FUCKING. TROLLING. They reset the damned clock and made us wait another 30 minutes. Dx
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