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by , 16th October 2011 at 05:22 PM (140 Views)
*has been wanting to do this since this morning*

Well, yesterday, there was an event called Pigskin Jubilee. It's basically a marching band competition held every year(?) in the Valley during marching season (of course). Thing is, each show has a time limit:

To get on the field and prepare.
Marching show MUST be under 8 minutes or else.
To get off the field as well.

Well, since we were class 5A, we were one of the last (second to last actually), so we had about an hour to practice. Of course, there were parts that we rushed in, even in the show. But overall, we did...okay. We had screwed up but, the judges gave us a 1st Division, which is similar to 1st place.
Here are the ratings from last night if anyone wants to see:

HINT: We are the second to last, skip to 07:20 if you want to see. :< There are some marching videos of others, if anyone is interested (but sadly not our's. ;_;). Look for the ones that have Pigskin and 2011, not Pre-Pigskin.

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