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Well, early Saturday morning, we were to report at about 5:15 AM my school's band hall in order to get everything we needed (shako boxes, uniforms, instrument, props, etc.) for the Bands of America (BOA) marching band competition. We arrived at the Alamo Dome at about 11 or so(?) and got dressed in order to get into warm-up. Afterwards, we headed inside the Dome (And man was it freakin' HUGE!) since it was almost time for us to perform. The bad thing? L. D. Bell performed BEFORE us (L. D. Bell's marching band has placed in the top five of every competition entered since 1999, and in 2007 won the Bands of America Grand National Championship, so they're scary good. ._.) so we had to perform PERFECTLY.

But...sadly, we did mess up. Because most of us depend on sound and not sight (meaning we listen to the music more than we look up at the drum major for tempo), and because the sound echoed throughout the stadium (if that made sense), most of us were very late at times, but fixed it somewhat quick. In the end, we didn't place. But the trip was still fun.

Sunday, we went to the Downtown San Antonio mall....that too was big. ._. We stayed in groups of five people in order for us to go off on our own. Well, the stuf over there is freakin' expensive, $3-$4 for 1/4 of pound (for candy) and $12 for a pound. ;_; There was also an anime store with a really sweet shop owner. <3 He was just so kind, that gave him some of my candy as a thank you. X3 He called me and other band students kind, so I blushed and hid behind the wall. We got back last night around 7 or 8, went to PPP then back home to finally rest~ Best band trip ever.

EXTRA: Here are some nice, motvational qoutes from our awesome Head band director, Mr. George Trevino (not being sarcastic at all):
*I know what it's like to be best. I've been there, you haven't.
*Of course I'm right, I'm a stinkin' truth machine.
*Are you going to wuss out or are you going to step it up and take off that dress?
*Swallow your saliva, that's your water break. (My personal fave. XD)
*Saying you're a little bit out of tune is like saying you're a little bit pregnant.
*It doesn't matter how good the soup tastes, the point is one drop will kill us all.
*Louie Louie. (YAAAY!!! Again, another fave~)

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