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Super Effective: Water

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There's a lot of Water types. This could be a difficult one.

Favourite Water Type

Look, I'm sorry, but it literally isn't possible for me to choose between these two. Both the little turtle and the little crocodile have held little places in my heart for ages now. And they've held the same place in my heart, and they're tugging it back and forth like it's a toy they're being forced to share. Which is fairly appropriate, considering how, dare I say it, cute the two of them are. Totodile has always been one of my favourite Pokémon ever since it first appeared in the animé, and the same applies to Squirtle, though it only really occurred to me how much it has to offer recently, once I weighed it up against some of the other starters. I mean, Squirtle has the whole cute thing going for it, but it's also got the shades. And also, Totodile has that brilliant dance. They're amazing!

Let's observe Squirtle's legacy. It's got to have some sort of resisting popularity, given that it recently entered the fray on the Pokémon Trainer's team in Brawl. And, Totodile has that brilliant dance, which, I'm not afraid to admit, I used to imitate when I watched the animé during my younger years. Also, considering that three main characters in the animé have owned Squirtle so far, it's had quite a bit of exposure to all generations. And, remember, Totodile has that brilliant dance.

So, from the Pokédex perspective, Squirtle has some cool things going for it. It can swim super fast, it has a shell it can retract into to protect it from danger, and can shoot water. So it's a fairly standard turtle, which is fine. Totodile, meanwhile, has super powerful jaws that can, apparently, crush anything. Even the trainer has to be careful. Now, disregarding how ridiculously dangerous that is, that's pretty cool, you have to admit. Though, you know, they do mention it in every Pokédex entry, so it gets a bit tired, and it's completely eclipsed by the brilliant dance.

Okay, I'll admit it. My love for these two completely stems from my memories of them from the animé series when I watched it as a kid. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with holding affection for characters from your childhood. And my affection for them is withstanding, and I'll often choose to use one of these two when I start a new game in the Kanto or Johto games. The Grass starters go unloved, unfortunately.

Whoa, hold on, did I mention the brilliant dance!?

Least Favourite Water Type

Massive cosmic wang.
That is all.

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  1. Zeb's Avatar
    I completely forgot that Palkia existed is a Water-type.
  2. J J M's Avatar
    Totodile's dance isn't that bri-*shot*
  3. Metabee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzle.
    I completely forgot that Palkia existed is a Water-type.
    Yeah, it seems like a random decision to me. Maybe it's something to do with pee.

    Quote Originally Posted by J J M
    Totodile's dance isn't that bri-*shot*
  4. Karisse's Avatar
    I swear I'm one of the only people on Earth who doesn't think Palkia looks like a certain body part. >___>


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