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Super Effective: Fire

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Favourite Fire Type

Some things you need to know about the above image. One, The Blue Pangolin is an excellent artist, one of my favourites on DA, and if you haven't checked out their work you really should. Also, there are a lot of images on DA of Blaziken with feathery breasts. Which, I suppose is a testament to the appearance side of this Pokémon. When I first saw Blaziken, all I knew was that it looked like an absolute tank. The powerful stance, legs and forbidding glare, accompanied by crop of hair (feathers?) that borders on Super-Saiyan levels of awesomeness, not to mention the snazzy colour scheme, means that Blaziken has one of my favourite designs out of all the Pokémon. And... I guess some people find that sexy?

Blaziken had an interesting animé origin - it was one of the first Hoenn Pokémon to appear in the animé, and it appeared during Ash's climatic Johto League match to give him an example of what Pokémon not to mess with when he traveled to Hoenn. He's the Oncoming Storm of the Pokémon world. Furthermore, the Pokédex entries give us some more evidence of his badassery. "In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks the foe courageously. The stronger the foes, the more intensely this Pokémon's wrists burn." Well, first of all, let's observe the fact that it has burning wrists, meaning it can make it's punches explode, which is cool in itself, but then we have the fact that it actually becomes more determined when it's opponent is powerful, so it's going to put up a fight whatever happens. It's a hero of a Pokémon. And if that's not enough; " Blaziken has incredibly strong legs - it can easily clear a 30-story building in one leap." Easily. 30-story building. One leap. Wowzers.

Okay, now we come to the metagame standpoint. We all know what happened to Blaziken - it was a king among chickenmen, with a unique typing and attacking stats to compliment it. And then, Infernape came along and stole it's thunder, leaving it as a beggar man on the streets of the Underused tier. However, the Dream World arrived and Blaziken was to rise above the monarch status that it once had - it was to become a god. In the space of one generation, Blaziken rocketed from the rungs of the lower tier to become the first Starter to ever break into the Uber tier, thanks to Speed Boost. To augment this, Blaziken has some excellent attacking moves, such as Flare Blitz and Hi Jump Kick. Not only is it an exceedingly cool Pokémon, but it has sheer competitive strength as well. Blaziken is a truly excellent Pokémon in my eyes.

In conclusion - Blaziken, I'm just happy Nintendo gave you the recognition you deserved.

Least Favourite Fire Type

Let's just establish this right now - I don't hate Rapidash. It has been something that I've considered training before for various reasons that I'll mention later. But the simple fact is, there just isn't anything particularly imaginative about it. And just wait a moment before you start busting out your Generation Design arguments - I've heard it all before. Just hear me out.

Rapidash isn't a horrible design by itself, but when you take into consideration that it evolves from Ponyta, it's just... a Ponyta with a horn slapped on. Now, consider other evolutions - you could say the same about other first Generation designs, such as, for example, Charmander, right? Evolves, gets a horn, that's all, right? Nah. Because if you observe, Charmeleon has facial differences to Charmander. The eyes become more determined, and seem to have more personality behind them. Charmander may have just, from a visual standpoint, gained a horn, but it's possible to interpret that there's been some personality changes as well. Now look at Ponyta. It's eyes are empty and emotionless. It's a shell shaped like a horse. And then it becomes Rapidash, and now it's got a "DERP WHAT DID SOMEONE SAY MY NAME" kind of look.

Okay, maybe I was a bit touch and go there. But the other thing that I really hate about Rapidash is when it insists that you train it! Remember a paragraph ago where I mentioned that I had considered training one before? Yeah, I considered training one when I was playing Diamond. Yeah, you know, the game where, if you want a Fire-type, you had to either pick the fire-starter, or you were stuck with Rapidash. Now, I'll be frank with you, if I don't have a Grass-type, a Water-type and a Fire-type on my in game team, I feel somewhat naked. Why couldn't they have, say, Camerupt or Torkoal or Magcargo in the game? Why in the holy mother of fuck was Rapidash the only Fire-type in the game apart from Infernape!? I DON'T WANT YOU, RAPIDASH! BUGGER OFF!

In competitive play, Rapidash has appealing attacking stats and some good attacking and support moves, but, uh... just go with something else. I mean, you can have Rapidash, or you can have something else that's much better. Unless you're playing Diamond.

Also, I don't like horses.

In conclusion - Don't feel bad, Rapidash. Just take the ice cream cone off your head and give the other fire-types a chance and we can all forget about all the bad things you did.

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