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Holy shit, Dishonored.

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I finally got Dishonored last night, and holy shit. What a great fucking game. :O I mean, I knew it would be cool and all, but wow. It exceeded my expectations. Seriously. It's great. Hahaha.

Hopefully, by Friday I'll be able to get Far Cry 3 as well. We'll see.

Speaking of games, I got Dark Souls from my friend as a birthday gift and holy shit. It's amazing and frustrating. So, I also got Demon Souls as well. I'll start playing that soon.

I've started the process of pre-ordering Pokemon Y. I also need to pick up a 3DS as well.

inFamous Second Son is coming out next year and I can't fucking wait. I love the inFAMOUS series and this is looking really awesome. It's a good thing it wasn't a launch title, as I would have probably had pre-ordered a PS4 right away. Hahahahaha. Speaking of the PS4, I hear Dark Souls II isn't coming out for it. Oh well, I'll just get it for my PC.

Finally, TESO is coming out in the spring and I need to hurry my ass up and pre-order it. It looks really good. I just hope ZeniMax doesn't dumb it down because of the console ports.

Geez, my thoughts are really scattered tonight, could be because of the cappuccino I drank. Who knows? All I know is that I have to get some sleep as I have some tests in the morning. Hahahahahaha.

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  1. Zeb's Avatar
    Dishonored is a great game. I bought it last year when it released and I've enjoyed it since. It'll be one of the few games that I never sell.


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